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    April 2018 TWR Women of Hope Prayer Calendar

    March 23, 2018 By the Women of Hope Ministry Team
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    TWR Women of Hope Prayer Calendar

    April 2018

    Praying for Women in Southern Africa

    TWR Women of Hope’s ministry in southern Africa reaches women in Angola, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland and Zimbabwe, helping them know and experience God’s love and truths so that he can transform their lives.

    Many of the women of southern Africa struggle to provide for their families, and the relatively widespread acceptance of polygamy means that their husbands often have mistresses or multiple wives. The number of women in this region with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, is the highest in the world. Many also suffer from the lack of clean water, electricity and proper sanitation. Unemployment combined with lack of education and training keep them in the grip of poverty.

    Besides caring for their children and homes, many women work their small gardens or sell goods on the street. However, at the end of most days, they do not earn enough for a meal to feed their families. When they reach home, many of them are victims of domestic violence. Thousands of rapes (affecting infants, children, teenagers, women, and the elderly) are underreported and rarely prosecuted.

    In the midst of many difficulties, TWR Women of Hope prayer groups take hope and spiritual guidance to the disabled, uneducated, widows, prisoners, orphans, the poor, elderly and sick. Dignity is restored, families are reunited, and prisoners are spiritually set free.

    When women pray, listen to the Women of Hope programs and attend special training events, they learn that they are precious to God. They no longer accept being labeled as afraid, worthless and outcast. They realize that they are daughters of the King, worthy of respect and honour from their family members, employers and community members. And they no longer tolerate domestic violence, infidelity, harassment and the deprivation of education, proper food or medical care.

    Please pray for ...

    1. Women in southern Africa who face the hardships of daily life and the pain and scars of abuse. May they find peace and hope in the Lord Jesus Christ, who died and rose again to give them new life as God’s precious daughters. For “just as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, we too may live a new life” (Rom. 6:4).

    2. TWR Women of Hope’s prayer group leaders, intercessors and volunteers in Angola, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland and Zimbabwe as they offer Bible studies, visit the sick and lonely, evangelize and encourage and comfort women through friendships and prayers.

    3. TWR Women of Hope’s regional coordinator for southern and East Africa and for her assistant as they help women know and experience God’s love and truths so that he can transform their lives.

    4. Women and girls who face the shame and distress of domestic violence, rape, forced marriages, child marriages, early pregnancy, wife inheritance (when a woman is forced to marry her dead husband’s relative) and the deprivation of property rights.

    5. More affordable housing to be made available for the poor and middle class so they can better care for their children. Angola is the third-largest economy in sub-Saharan Africa, but 70 percent of its people live on less than US$2 a day.

    6. More to be done to provide basic sanitation and electricity in the outlying districts of Angola’s cities. More than 70 percent of the capital city’s population lives in slums.

    7. Church and community leaders to be courageous and teach the importance of respecting all people as precious children of God. Pray that families would model respect for women and girls so that domestic violence will no longer be tolerated.

    8. Women in the local communities of Malawi to experience hope as the TWR Women of Hope ministry has daily prayer requests read over the radio in their heart language of Chichewa.

    9. Thousands of women faced with hunger because of drought conditions in southern Africa – especially in Malawi and Zimbabwe. Pray that food aid will reach all affected families.

    10. Widowed Malawi mothers working hard to take care of their children. Even though the custom is illegal, a woman may still face the horror of losing all her family property and children to her husband’s relatives when he dies.

    11. Young Christian women to understand the importance of marrying men who are believers. Pray also that all Christian mothers will teach their children God’s truths and help them to be Christ followers.

    12. Young girls abused by stepfathers or other male relatives. Some girls run away from home to escape the abuse. Pray that mothers and other relatives will not shield the abusers but protect the young girls from these terrible acts.

    13. Women in Mozambique, where fewer than one in four people have access to modern sanitation facilities and almost half the population drink water from unsafe sources.

    14. The Lord to bless the Portuguese and Makhuwa production teams of Women of Hope and to enable the program to be translated into Tsonga. Portuguese is taught in Mozambique’s schools, but many women haven’t had the opportunity to go to school.

    15. A proper recording room to produce the Makhuwa programs, now recorded in the producer’s home.

    16. The team in Namibia to find radio stations to broadcast Women of Hope in the Oshivambo language.

    17. TWR Women of Hope’s South Africa coordinator as she organizes volunteers who encourage women to pray using the prayer calendars in their heart languages. To date there are prayer calendars available in Afrikaans, English, German, Xhosa and Zulu.

    18. Groups of listeners using audio devices to hear Women of Hope in Zulu. Pray for the provision of funds so translation, recording and broadcasting of this program can resume. Praise the Lord for the funding and volunteers that have enabled Women of Hope in Xhosa to begin production.

    19. Unemployed women who feel discouraged and desperate. Many feel humiliated, useless and even suicidal. The unemployment rate in South Africa is one of the highest in the world.

    20. Women listening to Women of Hope programs in the Amharic, English, Makhuwa, Oromo, Portuguese and Zulu languages aired from TWR’s transmitter in Swaziland.

    21. Listeners who are using the Women of Hope radio program as opportunities to invite their friends and families to listen and discuss the issues and Scriptures together. Pray that many will come to know the Lord: “Pray for us that the message of the Lord may spread rapidly and be honoured” (2 Thess. 3:1).

    22. The development of TWR Women of Hope’s ministry in Swaziland. Because of the cost of printing the SiSwati and English prayer calendars, daily prayer requests are distributed by cellphone using WhatsApp.

    23. Swazi women living under the bondage of cultural practices that result in much bitterness. The practices of polygamy, rape and intimidation leave women helpless in preventing HIV infection. Swaziland has the highest HIV/AIDS rate in the world.

    24. Better health care and education for the 25.6 million people who are living with HIV/AIDS and related diseases such as tuberculosis in sub-Saharan Africa. UNAIDS estimates that 40 percent of all HIV-positive women live in southern Africa. In 2016, percentages of adults ages 15-49 living with HIV were estimated at: 1.9 in Angola; 12.3 in Mozambique; 13.8 in Namibia; 18.9 in South Africa; 27.2 in Swaziland; and 13.5 in Zimbabwe according to the World Heath Organization

    25. Proper medical care to reach those suffering from malaria. In 2016, there were an estimated 216 million cases of malaria worldwide, with 90 percent in the African Region according to the World Health Organization.

    26. Girls to know that they are valued by God and that he has a purpose for their lives. Pray that they will be encouraged to get an education and to protect themselves from child marriage, infidelity and abuse. “Yet you know me, LORD; you see me” (Jer. 12:3).

    27. Nonliterate women who are receiving valuable information from the Women of Hope radio programs. UNICEF estimates that 80 percent of young women in sub-Saharan Africa have not completed secondary school and that a third cannot read.

    28. TWR Women of Hope’s ministry in Zimbabwe. Praise the Lord for providing translators so that the prayer calendars are now available in the Ndebele and Shona languages.

    29. Zimbabwe leaders to have the courage to protect girls and women who experience sexual abuse or forced early marriage. Pray that officials will enforce Zimbabwe’s law against child marriages.

    30. Safety for those who travel in southern Africa for the purpose of encouraging women to pray with us and to listen to the Women of Hope programs in their languages. Pray that many will recieve hope in Jesus.