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    April 2017 TWR Women of Hope Prayer Calendar

    March 24, 2017 by Women of Hope Project Hannah
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    TWR Women of Hope Prayer Calendar, Education

    Praying for Education and Training for Women and Girls

    Girls have significantly benefited from recent efforts made in many countries to provide finances, safe local schools, and female teachers, not to mention moves to address violence and harmful cultural practices that hinder girls from getting an education. Globally, however, an estimated 62 million girls ages 6 to 15 are still not in school.

    Poverty is a major factor that limits girls’ schooling. Other factors that hinder girls’ education are early marriage or pregnancy, the danger of sexual violence, a lack of free local schools in their primary languages, and a lack of water and sanitation in schools.

    Education can transform the lives of girls and strengthen their communities. Women who finish secondary school earn higher wages. Educated mothers are more likely to ensure that their own children also receive an education and will provide them with more nutritious food, clean water, and safer environments.

    Many women from oral cultures who have learned to read often struggle to understand what they read because this is not their normal way of learning. They learn from hearing, repetition, and memorization. Most oral learners have the ability to memorize large amounts of information and may speak two or more languages. Women from all cultures still want opportunities to enjoy education, to receive skills training to better their lives, or both. Christian women also want to learn God’s Word and how to apply its truths to their daily lives.

    TWR Women of Hope makes the truths of the Bible accessible through radio programs and provides practical health and nutritional information through sisterly advice similar to having a conversation with a friend. Prayer groups, seminars, and skills training enrich the lives of women, giving them dignity in knowing that God cares and desires for them to thrive as they live to glorify him.


    Please pray for ...

    1. More to be done to change cultural practices that view girls as not worthy of an education. Pray that laws against hindering girls from receiving an education would be strongly enforced.

    2. Insight and creativity for TWR Women of Hope’s translators and production teams. Their duty is to make God’s truths clear for nonliterate women by adapting Women of Hope and the Healing Voice and Hidden Treasures audio dramas to effectively communicate in the local cultures and heart languages of listeners.

    3. Opportunity for the 4 billion oral communicators in the world to hear the gospel in their preferred learning style so they can understand it and respond to God’s invitation to salvation. Jesus, the greatest teacher, spoke to masses of illiterate people in stories, poetry, and repetition so that his message could reach their hearts and impact their lives.

    4. The thousands of faithful women in TWR Women of Hope prayer groups around the world. TWR Women of Hope’s monthly prayer requests are translated orally in languages like Ari, Mina, Tajik, Umbundu, and Uzbek for many of our intercessors who do not read. In some prayer groups, someone (often a child) reads the prayer request so these amazing women can pray for others around the world.

    5. Safety for girls who walk long distances to receive an education because their village doesn’t have a school. Also pray for the protection of girls living in dorms or with families who offer lodging near schools. Some girls are raped, beaten, or killed traveling to school or while living away from home.
    6. TWR Women of Hope and Norea Media Mission (Norway) as they partner with others in Africa to provide spiritual guidance and practical medical information to women, many who do not read, concerning the consequences of female genital mutilation and fistulas.

    7. Wisdom and understanding for writers preparing Women of Hope programs for oral communicators, who learn best from experience, association, repetition, and interaction.

    8. Local authorities to teach their communities that anyone harming school girls will be severely punished.

    9. Precious girls who have been beaten or had acid thrown on them because they attended school.

    10. Women learning to use the 27 sewing machines in the tailoring courses at the Tanzania Hannah’s House. They still have no tables, electricity, or running water. Pray that a water well will be dug soon so they can use their bathroom facilities and can teach cooking skills.

    11. Wisdom and unity for the Khmer Women of Hope team members as they often travel to villages in Cambodia to teach health seminars and encourage more people to listen to the programs and learn about God.

    12. Community leaders to provide poor children with school uniforms and shoes and to be willing and able to cancel school fees. Many countries declare that they have free education, but poor families still cannot send their children to school.

    13. The production and duplication of CDs and other media containing TWR Women of Hope programs. As they cannot refer to written notes or the Scriptures, women who do not read need to hear the programs several times to memorize the material and apply it to their lives.

    14. The Holy Spirit’s work in the hearts of women, preparing them to receive the transforming message of hope in Jesus Christ, who died on the cross to pay for their sins and then rose again. “The Christ will suffer and rise from the dead on the third day, and repentance and forgiveness of sins will be preached in his name to all nations, beginning at Jerusalem” (Luke 24:46-47).

    15. Discernment in selecting indigenous music for the Women of Hope programs. Music is an important tool for teaching God’s truths to oral communicators.

    16. Women to live in the power of Jesus’ resurrection, celebrating with the assured knowledge that he daily walks with them and they are never alone.

    17. Pray for TWR Nepal’s six-month literacy training and for the recent 19 women graduates. The impoverished conditions they lived in prevented them from attending school. Now they can read the Bible, read street signs, etc. Their confidence has soared, and they are no longer ashamed.

    18. Young girls who run away to avoid forced marriages, which likely will result in their having to drop out of school. Pray that community leaders will protect these girls and punish those who try to force them into marriages.

    19. Wisdom in reaching nonliterate women, who have a difficult time understanding and participating in Bible studies and worship services, because they cannot read or process information the same way literate people do.

    20. Parents to understand that their cultures’ practice of early marriages does not protect their daughters. Girls who attend school will earn higher wages and have healthier families in the future.

    21. Women and girls who are isolated by their culture, religion, and families, which prevent them from attending school to keep them from being around men and boys who are not family members.

    22. Community leaders to understand the importance of providing clean water and sanitary facilities for students while they are at school. Many older girls drop out of school because there are no toilet facilities for girls.

    23. Women who are forced to marry one of their kidnappers in Albania, Bulgaria, Ethiopia, Kyrgyzstan, and other countries where the custom of kidnapping young women or girls is practiced. These girls are abused, forced to drop out of school, and rarely see their families again. Pray that laws will be enforced and that all those responsible will be punished.

    24. Girls who work to buy food for their families, help with the care of small children, and try to attend school. They wake up very early and go to bed very late.

    25. The 14 women who completed a six-month session of sewing training in Nepal and hope to open their own tailor shops. Pray for women learning to make slippers and sandals to sell.

    26. TWR Women of Hope staff and volunteers as they hold listener rallies, provide health seminars, and respond to listeners’ and intercessors’ questions.  

    27. TWR Women of Hope’s translators and prayer coordinators as they translate the prayer calendar into more than 85 languages and distribute it throughout 125 countries. Pray for the radio programs that share the daily prayer requests so that those who do not read can pray with us.

    28. Lonely women who turn to the radio for companionship and find TWR programs. Ask God to reveal to them that the women who write and produce the Women of Hope program are not the only ones who care about them, but their heavenly Father loves them too.

    29. Knowledge and understanding for the millions of women who do not understand the nutritional and health needs of their children.

    30. The planning of TWR Women of Hope Unite Leadership conferences.