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    • Mar5Tue

      With God All Things Are Possible

      March 5, 2019 BY TWR Canada President
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      Africa, Burundi
      One of my favourite Bible verses is Matthew 19:26 (ESV):

      “But Jesus looked at them and said,
      ‘With man this is impossible, but
      with God all things are possible.’”

      In my 30 plus years of ministry and in my time as TWR Canada’s president, time and time again, God shows that he still does the impossible. We don’t have to look further than someone coming to faith in Christ to see this; each story of a life redeemed represents this. 

      In Scripture, we also have examples of God doing the impossible. Think about the life of Paul. His life is a perfect example of this. You know the story (Acts 9): Paul, called Saul at that time, was a man who was intent on eradicating Christians from the world by whatever means necessary. Yet God took him and made him one of the most influential Christians of all time. For those early Christians who Paul was systematically seeking to destroy, this conversion would have seemed impossible. Yet God showed his power and radically transformed Paul’s life. 

      God continues to do the impossible every day, all over the world. And once again, I had the privilege of hearing another example of this firsthand. This time it was in the life of a man in Burundi.

      Let me set the stage. I had taken a small team to Burundi, a landlocked country in east-central Africa. They don’t get many tourists here, so we were an oddity, but our TWR listeners were excited to meet us and share their listening experiences with us.  

      When we came into the TWR office, there was a man sitting there. He was wearing a clerical collar. I didn’t recognize him, and I thought he must be a new staff member. He was in fact a new staff member, but the story of how he got into that position will thrill you! It is one of those stories that takes your breath away … and another one that shows God still does the impossible.

      He was a Muslim. In fact, he wasn’t just a Muslim; he was an Imam. He taught Islamic values and beliefs. His wife was a Christian, and she would speak to him about Christ, but he would not listen. One day, he saw someone with a small blue book and asked if he could borrow it. It was a Christian book, so the person was reluctant to give it to him. After all, why would you willingly pass a Christian book to your Imam?! Eventually, however, the Imam learned the name of the book and discovered that he could get it from TWR’s partner office in Burundi. He was so determined to get the book that he travelled many hours to Bujumbura in pursuit of it! 

      It just so happens that this book was written by Richard Bennett, who was a long-time friend of TWR and a personal friend of mine. The book is called, “Your Quest for God,” and it’s been translated into dozens of languages over the years. In 2015, after seeing the impact of this book in other countries, TWR Canada had it translated and printed into the Kirundi language for the people in Burundi.
      Now it was in the hands of this Imam. And it changed his life as he found Jesus. It changed him so much that he turned his back on Islam and went to Bible school. Today he is a pastor and has become the producer of our program, The Way of Righteousness, a program designed specifically for followers of Islam, to present the stories and message of the prophets, and how they point to Christ.

      This man is a modern-day Paul. Like he did with Paul, God took an unlikely candidate to be his voice and is using him to proclaim the truth of the gospel. Sound impossible? It is for us, but for God, not at all.

      It’s amazing! God is using this former Imam to be a voice speaking clearly into the darkness to those who desperately need a Saviour. He is one of dozens of voices dedicated to proclaiming the hope of Jesus through pre-evangelism, evangelism and discipleship programming. These voices are heard over radio, satellite, cell phones, the internet, SD cards, media players and more … whatever means is most effective in getting the message out. Through TWR Canada’s ministry, they can be heard in 50 countries in over 60 languages.

      You are part of our worldwide voice, a voice that joins in the work of God and sees him do the impossible! We see him take hatred and bring peace, take vengeance and bring reconciliation, take bitterness and bring forgiveness. We see him turn hearts of stone into hearts of flesh.

      Your prayers and gifts are an eternal investment, as together we reach millions with the news of Christ’s love and his gift of salvation. Yet, there is much more to do, and through your support, you can be part of the next “God-doing-the-impossible” story! 

      We are speaking hope in challenging places like Burundi as well as many other locations around the world like Sri Lanka, the Persian-speaking world and right here in Canada in the province of Quebec. We need your help financially as we ask God to help us accomplish what seems to us to be impossible this year! Will you join us as we continue to be a strong voice proclaiming the gospel around the world?

      Together for the cause of Christ,

      Ray Alary
      TWR Canada