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    • Jan10Wed

      Watching God Work: New Ministry Projects

      January 10, 2018 by the TWR Canada team
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      Africa, Central Asia, South America
      There are so many people around the world who are hungry for the gospel. In some areas, there are people who haven’t ever heard of Jesus Christ. In other places, people are seeking God, but they aren’t finding him in the religion of their culture. Still others have heard of God but may not have accurately heard the truth. It can be very easy to feel overwhelmed by the amount of need, and it is a prayerful and sometimes lengthy process to discern God’s plans in the midst of such need.

      TWR Canada has ongoing ministry commitments in many areas of the world. These commitments for radio programs, internet ministry or staffing are evaluated frequently. We are glad to see many of them continue for five or ten years or longer, effectively reaching out to people who are searching for Christ.

      Yet we always see more need, and God provides us with additional opportunities to meet needs beyond our regular commitments. For 2018, we have prayerfully selected several additional projects to meet needs in our ministry areas around the world.

      In Uruguay, TWR has been broadcasting on an AM station since 1980. Recently, that station was put up for sale. In order to ensure ongoing radio ministry in the area, TWR is raising funds to purchase this property, and TWR Canada is contributing toward this cost.

      The Senufo people live in northern Ivory Coast, southeastern Mali and western Burkina Faso. This is an oral culture with beliefs that mix animism and Islam. TWR Canada is working with local partners to translate, produce and air a new program called The Prophets to reach out to these people. This program is written specifically for engaging Muslims with the gospel.  

      In Central Asia, The Christian Home is a 15-minute weekly broadcast for Christian families, teaching biblical principles for relationships. TWR Canada previously produced this program in the Kazakh language; we will now translate, produce and air the Tajik program on our PANI (
      Pakistan, Afghanistan and Northern India) medium-wave transmitter in 2018.

      In addition, TWR Canada is adapting an existing house on the missionary compound in Swaziland to provide housing for one of the missionary families. This will improve the sustainability of that station as well as the work environment and security for staff.

      Please join us in praying for these and other new ministry projects in 2018, then watch for updates throughout the year on how God is continuing to work in these areas!