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    • Sep23Wed

      Using The Gospel To Teach Community Health

      September 23, 2015 by TWR Canada
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      Asia, Prayer
      TWR Canada sponsored a program in Cambodia called It's Yours. In addition to the program, TWR Canada Missionary Pam Wise (who earlier this year relocated to the Cayman Islands) was very involved with our local teams visiting villages through a community health program. The local teams teach basic skills like cooking, gardening, budgeting, etc.

      The team shared with us a report about visiting Tabun Cambodia Christian Church which is 230 km away from Phnom Penh. The church there listens to our program and the team wanted to encourage them. They also wanted to visit Grandpa Kon Yerng who is the leader of the home church. He is more than 80 years old, but he still has a great desire to serve God.

      Meet Sreyleak. She's 15 years old, gentle, and a bit shy.

      She was led to God 3 years ago by Grandpa Kong Yerng and the It's Yours program. She is a student in Grade 8.

      She said “I am so happy to meet you, brother and sister. I love to listen to It's Yours program because it helps me to know more about the youth culture and issues in Cambodia. In addition, the lesson today is great because it causes me to think about common diseases in my village and ‘cold’ is really common in the rainy season. It is good to learn about prevention before I catch it.

      "Also, it encourages me to think about my siblings and to teach them all that I have learned from your team. I appreciate the nice lesson booklet to show me how to protect my health.

      "Lastly, I thank you so much for your visit."

      Pray for Sreyleak and those like her who are pouring their energies into an education so they can learn new skills they can bring back to their communities, and help the church grow.