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    • Jul24Tue

      Using Portable Media Devices to Share the Gospel

      July 24, 2018 By the TWR Canada Team
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      Discipleship Essentials, Media Players
      As a media ministry, TWR Canada is always paying attention to the ways media is changing and evolving. One of these areas is portable media devices. While media players are still a popular choice, we are also able to distribute media on USB drives, SD cards and microSD cards. The method of distribution depends on the project and what best fits the needs of those who will receive the material. TWR Canada is involved in projects involving portable media devices all around the world. Here are some of those projects.

      India Radio Home Groups
      In India, radio home groups consist of 7-10 people who gather regularly to study the Bible together. TWR Canada has partnered with TWR India to provide a total of 3,000 radio home kits to be distributed to groups across India. As of May 2018, over 1,600 radio home kits have been distributed in 23 local languages! Each radio home kit contains a digital player, an SD card containing content from Thru the Bible and discussion notes.

      “It is a pleasure to hear the Word of God in our radio home group. We all feel as if we are sitting in church and God is directly speaking to us. Listening to your radio program always fills us with joy and encouragement. We continue to grow together in the Lord because of this group.”

      Ugandan Evangelism Project
      In Uganda, there is an unreached people group that is primarily Muslim. Most evangelical outreach programming in Uganda focuses on other communities. Using the program, The Way of Righteousness, this tribal community of Uganda will be able to hear the gospel. This program is designed to help Muslims understand God’s Word and to answer the question, “How can someone be righteous before God?” Translation and production are complete, and programs will now be loaded onto media players for distribution.

      Discipleship Essentials
      As we have moved into the distribution phase of Discipleship Essentials, portable media has become instrumental in sharing the material around the world. While the material is available online, in many places internet access is unreliable or the content is not accessible. This is where portable media devices come in. At train-the-trainer conferences, we give each participant an SD card containing DE materials in their language, which allows them to share this content with others. As well, our on-the-ground partners distribute SD cards and USBs to the people that they work with. In the Middle East, our partner distributes 150-200 USBs containing the DE material monthly!

      This partner tells us that distributing the material on SD cards and USBs is crucial, particularly for Muslim-background believers. While in some countries security is not an issue, in others, it is very important that we have a small, discrete way of sharing the material. The feedback from Muslim-background believers is overwhelmingly positive, saying that they now understand the material in a deeper way. Some of these lessons are eye-opening for them and provide a new view on topics such as who Jesus is, Jesus as a friend, and miracles.

      China SON-Lift Project
      We are also working with a partner in China to reach 106 unreached people groups with the gospel using media players. Next week, you will hear more about the impact that these portable media devices are having.

      Media Players Available to You
      TWR Canada works with churches and individuals to provide devices for local use or to take with you on mission trips. Recently, we partnered with a church in Toronto who had a group heading to Uganda; we provided media players containing an audio Bible and content from Thru the Bible, TWR Women of Hope and Bible Stories Alive. This programming makes up a standard set of content for a media player, but the content and the type of device can be customized according to the needs of those who will receive it. Contact us if you would be interested in learning more!