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      TWR360: An Easy and Efficient Online Tool

      March 14, 2018 The TWR Canada Team
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      Leadership, Discipleship Essentials, Education
      In this digital age, distributing materials and programming online is both easy and efficient, and TWR is taking advantage of this, enabling people all over the world to access valuable evangelistic and discipleship material. TWR360 is one of TWR's online resources containing materials and programming from 203 ministries in 52 languages! TWR360 enables anyone, anywhere, at any time, to gain easy access via computer or smartphone (website or app) to the wide range of Christian digital resources in his or her own heart language. It provides ministries with an integrated, multi-faceted outlet for distributing their materials alongside other ministries, both large and small.

      TWR360 is easy to use in any of its 52 languages. If a person’s computer language is set to a language which is available on TWR360, then TWR360 will show only content in that language. This means users don’t have to know English in order to find content in their language.  

      In January 2018, people visited TWR360 1,011,430 times, from 229 countries/territories! This is a new all-time monthly record! India holds the top spot for visits via the website, at 214,426 visits in January 2018. Most of the top countries for visits via the app are Muslim-majority nations. And month after month, these numbers are increasing.

      One Arabic user says, “I am a Muslim and am 17 years old. I want to learn Christianity. I want to know more about who Jesus is and what is the gospel. Please help me.” This user, and others like them, are able to explore the Arabic content on TWR360 and learn more about who Jesus is.

      Through a partnership with TWR Canada, the ministries of Holy Scriptures and Israel and Bible Stories Alive have made their programming available on TWR360. TWR Canada also distributes Discipleship Essentials in seven languages on TWR360, with more languages becoming available later this year.

      Since 2004, Holy Scriptures and Israel has been broadcasting their radio program of the same name. The broadcast teaches God’s Word from a Hebrew Messianic perspective and is now aired seven days a week on the radio. The programs are taught by Gideon Levytam, an Israeli-Jewish believer, whose desire is to share the gospel with people from a Jewish background.

      Gideon’s teaching works through one book at a time, teaching on a specific set of verses, working through the book chronologically. Currently on TWR360, you can hear Gideon’s teaching on 1 and 2 Thessalonians. To hear this programming, please visit Holy Scriptures and Israel on TWR360.

      TWR Canada has also partnered with Bible Stories Alive to make their English radio programs available on TWR360 one week after they air on the radio. So, if you miss an episode, you can catch up online. As translation and production of the stories are completed, users will be able to find these children’s Bible stories in Spanish, Arabic, Persian, Mandarin and Swahili. To listen to the English programming, please visit Bible Stories Alive on TWR360.

      As well, Discipleship Essentials is available on TWR360. The full Discipleship Essentials content in text, audio and video is available in English, French, Arabic, Farsi, Hindi and Bengali. A portion in Russian is available now, with the remainder being released later this year. Cebuano, Mandarin and Urdu will also be made available this year, and Amharic and Vietnamese in early 2019.  To access Discipleship Essentials for personal or group study, visit Discipleship Essentials on TWR 360.

      Please join with us in praying for those who are exploring TWR360 and who are learning about who Jesus is and growing in their faith. If you are interested in seeing TWR360 for yourself, please visit