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    • Oct21Wed

      TWR Ministries Around The World

      October 21, 2015 by TWR Canada
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      Prayer, Partnership
      Photo from the OneStory video session. Photo credit: Tyler Gates
      Photo from the OneStory video session. Photo credit: Tyler Gates
      TWR Canada is blessed to a part of a network of TWR offices and studios around the world. Each of these ministries is working to reach people with the gospel, and how they're doing that is as varied as the people groups our staff represents.

      Here are a just a few examples...

      TWR Greece (TWR Hellas) is a nonprofit organization that produces biblical programs and places them on various secular stations. Recently, the economic crisis in Greece became world news, and roughly 4000 migrants/refugees land on their shores every day. There is a lot of need in this country. TWR Greece is  coordinating and distributing large amounts of food through the network of local churches to reach the refugees in Athens, Thessaloniki, and other border towns.

      Pictured above: Photo from the OneStory video session. Photo credit: Tyler Gates

      TWR International Office (located in Cary, North Carolina) is working on producing a series of videos intended to be shared between users and online through social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. These videos are being produced for a specific unreached people group in North Africa. They are an entirely oral culture  -- herders and farmers, but they love to make and share videos online with their smart phones.
      TWR has been involved with the OneStory project for many years, but this is the first time staff have created video content for this ministry. Tyler Gates is the videographer on this project. "Oral storytelling is how the most important, closely-held information is shared in this culture – and increasingly, these young people want their stories on their tablets and smartphones. So now we are in the midst of piloting a series of short films and animations within this people group that will introduce them to the gospel story through translated and visualized excerpts of Scripture from Genesis through Revelation."

      The team has finished filming and is now in the production phase of what will be 19 separate videos to visually depict the entire gospel narrative.

      Tyler Gates, TWR International Director of Visual Media Department, meeting migrants camping in the city centre in Greece.

      TWR Germany (ERF) has launched a new website where information for refugees is posted. Germany has openly welcomed migrants and refugees and latest estimates are saying 1.5million could seek refuge in Germany before year's end. The influx of different cultures and religious traditions is causing daily conflict in the overcrowded camps. Winter is coming and people are growing impatient.

      In response to this, ERF's new website features information on refugee initiatives, how to get active, and personal stories from refugees. There's an interactive map where refugees can search for services near them. There is also a charity campaign being organized similar to Samaritan's Purse's Operation Christmas Child in November and December. ERF hopes to collect 1000 bags (instead of shoe boxes) packed with small items to encourage and help people as they wait through the refugee process.

      These are just a few of the many initiatives taking place around the world through TWR offices and staff.

      Please remember to lift up these teams in prayer as they reach out each in their own unique ministry strengths and work to meet local needs as they share the gospel of Christ.