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    • Jul29Wed

      TWR Canada To Translate "A Visit With Mrs. G"

      July 29, 2015 by TWR Canada
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      Mrs. G went to be with the Lord in November 2014, but her stories live on and continue to change lives.

      Mrs. G, also known as Kitty Anna Griffiths, trained as a school teacher and together with her pastor husband of nearly 71 years, served in churches in Britain, South Africa, and Canada. Mrs. G began writing children’s stories called A Visit With Mrs. G in 1973 and published a new story each week for more than 40 years.

      “Bible Stories Alive, we are told, [is] urgently needed in China,” Mrs. G said in an October 2013 interview. “If this immense project is in God’s plan, He will provide His chosen Chinese servants to translate the stories and voice them, and place them on [the] Internet and radio in China.”

      TWR Canada is translating and recording Mrs. G’s Bible stories into Farsi and Mandarin. This will be a wonderful resource for the believers who have been asking for Christian material for their children. Soon, the children in Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and China can hear about the truth of Jesus through A Visit with Mrs. G.

      Dr. William Tsui, our China Ministry Director, is excited about this new ministry in China. He says there are very few children’s programs in China, but because of the one child policy parents dote especially on their children so these stories will be an effective way to reach the whole family. Parents will learn alongside the children.

      “We’re hoping to be able to offer this content on tablets so the stories become interactive and can also be used in groups,” said Dr. Tsui.

      TWR Canada President, Ray Alary, is excited about this new opportunity. "There is a lack of knowledge in China of basic Bible stories: Noah, Moses, Daniel, etc. This is a way to teach the parents and the children these foundational stories about the faith in a fun way that people remember."

      Mrs. G’s stories have been translated into Spanish, Amharic (Ethiopia), Portuguese, Japanese, Romanian, Norwegian, Khmer (Cambodia), Nepali, Russian, Farsi (ongoing), and Mandarin (ongoing).

      Pray for the team at Bible Stories Alive (the ministry behind A Visit With Mrs. G) as they take another look at each of Mrs. G’s stories and condense where necessary. Pray for the teams doing the translation and production work in both Farsi and Mandarin.