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    • Feb21Wed

      Today's Ministry and Tomorrow's Leadership

      February 21, 2018 The TWR Canada Team
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      Leadership, South America, Education
      Today’s update was written by Steve Shantz, a long-time TWR missionary. Recently Steve and his wife Barbara returned to live in Canada after many years in Europe and the USA. Steve serves as TWR’s International Vice President of Latin America and the Caribbean. 

      One of the key roles of a leader is to plan for the day when they move on and are no longer in their position. In fact, it has been suggested that a leader who does not have a successor at the end of their career has failed. I kept this in mind when I was given the assignment of leading TWR’s Latin America and Caribbean ministry, and I immediately began to look at the staff working in this region to see if there was anyone who could one day move into a leadership position.
      Developing the next generation of leaders is one of the eight strategic directions of TWR's international president Lauren Libby. As a result, he began the Emerging Leaders Program to identify and develop the next generation. With funding from a foundation, retreats are held and individuals are invited from several ministry organizations, including TWR, to participate. Seminars and leadership exercises help to develop the knowledge and character of a leader, and the networking opportunity builds relationships that will benefit the leader down the road.
      One attendee of the Emerging Leaders Program who stood out is Jehiel Ortiz, a young man in his mid-30’s from the Dominican Republic. Jehiel is fluent in English and Spanish and had a good position as a graphic artist in the marketing department of a Dominican investment firm. He is married to Yicell and has two young children. He also has a passion for radio ministry and a calling from God to work for TWR. It was time to give Jehiel an opportunity to live his dream.

      Jehiel Ortiz of the Emerging Leaders Program with his wife, Yicell.
      Together with TWR Canada and the leadership of our national partner in the Dominican Republic, a plan was developed to bring Jehiel on board with Radio Trans Mundial (RTM-DR) in a Public Relations, Marketing and Development role. This would give Jehiel an opportunity to grow and develop, and it would give the local partner much needed help in growing their ministry. TWR Canada provided the funding for Jehiel’s salary for the first year since TWR-DR lacked the funding for additional staff.

      Just over one year into the program, Jehiel has already made a difference and both TWR and the national partner are pleased with what his talents have produced:
      • RTM-DR now has a dynamic web and blog site that informs the visitor and provides a way to donate to the ministry.
      • Jehiel has created a “Ministerio RTM” Facebook site that already has over 2000 followers, and he is using social media to promote the ministry.
      • Contact has been made with 15 churches and ministries, and several Dominican churches now fund the ministry monthly.
      • A monthly newsletter has been started and sent to churches, radio stations and individuals.
      • Five radio stations in the country (two of them online) are now carrying Radio Trans Mundial programming in Spanish. There are now radio stations that cover all the zones of the Dominican Republic.
      • A team of volunteers and friends of the ministry has been formed.
      • A successful 30th anniversary event was held with a media conference involving local and international presenters.
      • Jehiel was able to participate from the DR in live broadcasts over our Bonaire transmitter during the recent hurricane crisis in the Caribbean.

      Jehiel’s international development is also continuing with a visit from him and Yicell to TWR’s international office in Cary, North Carolina, and with Jehiel’s attendance at the Power Up Event held on Bonaire in January (Sandy Alary also attended this event on behalf of TWR Canada. Make sure you read about her experience on March 8 as a guest post on our Journey to Hope Blog). Jehiel will also attend the annual partners conference being held in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in March. This will give Jehiel an opportunity to build connections and relationships across the region.
      One of the greatest satisfactions in ministry leadership comes from seeing others develop their potential and fulfill their God-given calling. I am confident that one day we will see people like Jehiel working to develop more leaders which will be an even greater joy. I am grateful to the Lord for bringing Jehiel to TWR and for the partnership between TWR International, TWR Canada and RTM Dominican Republic in developing the next generation of ministry leaders.