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    • May13Wed

      This is our Church Now

      May 13, 2020 by the TWR Canada Team
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      Asia, Media Players, Testimonies, Radio Home Groups
      The impacts of COVID-19 have hit every country around the globe. Months prior, we were able to distribute media players for radio home groups in partnership with TWR India. We recently received this report from them, describing how the pandemic has touched their lives.

      “The COVID-19 pandemic affects our every thought, every decision and every action every moment of the day. We have no idea what tomorrow may bring. We may wonder if the stories we see on television today will become our story tomorrow. Amid such turmoil, we long for comfort, stability and hope. The radio home group has become the source of comfort and hope for many. It enables every member to grow in his Word by discovering, discussing and exploring truths while making every effort to obey him and the Holy Spirit even behind closed doors,” described George, the TWR India director.
      The lockdown that began on March 22 caught everyone in India by surprise, especially the Church. The few churches that are tech-savvy began to have online services, prayer meetings and Bible studies, but only a limited number of people can access it. The majority of believers in India are left with no one to lead them spiritually. When TWR India started the radio home groups, many churches were skeptical and suspicious. But today they are all convinced that in the present times and in the days ahead, small groups are ideal for a country like India. The families that have received a media player and the Bible study in their heart language are thriving even in the midst of this crisis.
      TWR India has been in constant contact with the radio home groups and the testimonies we are getting are so encouraging!
      “As a producer I am super encouraged to see how people are using this device. We are a poor and underprivileged community. But through this we are able to provide a wonderful Bible study to our people. The groups listen regularly and now when I see the situation with COVID-19, I can see that it is a great help to our believers. Every day I call our group leaders and get information. Many testify, ‘Now, this is our church.’” - Rathwi language producer
      “I am a pastor. I have a church at Manpur but due to the lockdown, we cannot meet. Nevertheless, the families in our congregation meet every night and study the word of God using the media player. It is amazing to listen to the Word in our mother tongue. We are assured that we can still worship God and be nurtured in the Word even if the church building is shut down. This could not have been possible without your help with the media player and program.” - A radio home group leader from Malvi language
      “I am a housewife and run a radio home group regularly. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, we are locked at home and it has become a blessing to our family as we are able to sit every day and study the Word of God as a family. This is the only source of our spiritual growth. We praise God for this wonderful system provided by TWR.” - A radio home group member from the Mewadi language group
      “I am very happy to share with you that the radio kit provided by TWR is a great way to be connected with God. Today, while we are in our homes, our intake of the Word continues. We would have been in a state of spiritual isolation had it not been for the radio home group initiative. As the churches are closed in this time of trouble, we receive our daily manna. A family coming together and listening to his Word makes us a church at home itself.”  - A radio home group leader from Marathi language
      “I want to thank the Lord for giving me this privilege to share a few words with you about how our radio home group is a blessing in our life. Amidst of the panic of the Corona pandemic, let me tell you that your Bible study is helping me and my wife to spend more quality time with the Lord and we both are learning many new things from the Word of God. Thanks to the TWR ministry.” - A radio home group leader from Rajura
      “Every evening we sit and listen to the Word of God as family. We also make the study available to our church members and friends to encourage them. I am happy that I have a radio home group at my place and my church members also appreciate this study. This time of quarantine is a blessing in disguise to my family as we are able to spend quality time studying the Word of God together, which we were missing earlier. I praise God for his great plan for our family.” - A radio home group leader from Hindi region
      We rejoice in God’s perfect timing for radio home groups in India. Join us as we pray that those listening to the programs will learn and grow in their faith.