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    • Nov6Wed

      The Value of Ministry Partnerships

      November 6, 2019 By the TWR Canada Team
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      TWR Canada exists to bring messages of hope to an otherwise hopeless world. The heartbeat of all we do is to share Jesus with all people, and, once they have heard and accepted this good news, to engage them in growing in their relationship with Jesus. Though we do write, translate and produce some of the content that we use to share the hope of Jesus, like Discipleship Essentials for example, much of what we do is because of the very strategic partnerships we have. We believe that in working together, we can accomplish more for the kingdom.

      We work with A Visit with Mrs. G Ministries to translate and produce children’s Bible stories in Mandarin, Arabic, Swahili, Spanish, Somali and Persian. Aujourd’hui l’Espoir is our partner for the ministry we are doing in Quebec for French Canadians. And we have many other ministry partners, including our national or regional partners.

      One of TWR's longest-standing partnerships is with Thru the Bible. Over 50 years ago, Dr. J. Vernon McGee began the Bible-based radio program that was the foundation to what we now know as Thru the Bible. Today, his program has been translated in its entirety into over 120 languages, plus partially translated in many more languages! 

      One of the many projects that we’ve worked on is in partnership with TWR India and Thru the Bible. Together, we have made radio home kits available and distributed them in 150 languages and dialects for use in India where there are over 1,600 languages. Thru the Bible is the primary source of content for these players, and the programs loaded onto the media players offer a three-year Bible study.

      Thru the Bible is being used across the globe. Recently, we received word from our RTM (TWR in Spanish) Bolivia office that they had received a call from a listener who told them his story.

      "My wife has been a Christian for a long time. She tunes into the radio every day and listens to ATB (Thru the Bible) in Quechua. I didn't complain about her listening so as not to annoy her, but eventually I also became interested. First, because it was in Quechua, then because of the teacher’s detailed explanation of the Bible. Nobody ever explained to me the plan of salvation, and almost nobody ever visits us. My wife attends the local church, and I stay home to take care of the house. Last week, something happened to me! I was thinking over what was being taught in the ATB program. I was pondering about where the Scripture says that God forgives sins if we confess our sins. That is why I called your office. I want you to help me know how to receive Christ. I want God to forgive my sins. Please help me!"

      The leader of the Quechua ministry in Bolivia communicated with this listener who then received Christ as his Lord and Saviour. He also counseled and encouraged the listener to start attending church with his wife.

      Praise the Lord that he saw fit to use the ministry and partnership of Thru the Bible and TWR to bring another soul to a saving relationship with him!

      We would not be able to do the work we do without our many partners. In many cases, our partners provide the content, we provide the means for the content to be heard, and on-the-ground missionaries or staff offer follow-up, evangelism and discipleship to those who heard the good news. This is how it works, and we thank God that we get to be a part of it!