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    • Jun15Wed

      The Value Of Joining A Work Team

      June 15, 2016
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      Central Asia

      Volunteers from a recent work team to Central Asia share what God taught them through this experience.


      From time to time we post opportunities for work teams needed in various locations. Most recently, we sent a team of volunteers to Central Asia to do landscaping and maintenance on a new building for our Persian ministry. We asked a few of them why they decided to go and what God taught them through this experience.

      Wayne Ferguson
      It was exciting to see God answer prayer in supplying a skid steer loader when they are not usually available. The work could not have been completed without it. It was good to be part of this project and know God's Word will continue to be taught in this location and that many will come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour.

      Tim and Deanna Treadway
      We felt such an amazing tug from the Lord to do this project that we could not stay home and play with the grandchildren. We HAD to go. We have done many many work teams, but this one was the most worthwhile one we have ever done.

      We said to our church before we left, “If you do not pray, we do not want to be there.” They really prayed. We had difficult situations to resolve and often we would awaken in the middle of the night (I believe while those at home were praying) and the Lord would reveal to us the answer to our building dilemmas.

      There were 34 people working together (at various times). In all our years of work teams, we have never experienced such unity...The most important lesson we learned was that when God puts something on your heart, listen to Him.

      Bert and Vicki Creed
      God deepened our ability to trust Him in all circumstances. God reminded us that our joy comes from Him and not our circumstances.

      Teresa Voigt
      As a person of Polish/German heritage, I’m well aware of the hate that surrounded Nazi politics during WWII. I have a copy of photos taken of my grandfather in his Auschwitz concentration camp uniform when he was interned. He died there either from typhus or execution. No-one knows for sure.
      I bring this up because I struggle with my distaste for Islam. [In going to Central Asia, I had to face the circumstances in which Christians live surrounded by hostile governments and social policies.] There was an echoing message of don't be afraid and don't hate. That is the clear message I came away with. I believe we are sometimes directed into missions just so God can hit home an answer to questions we are struggling with. It's a perfect time when He knows He can reach you and you'll listen.

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