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    • Aug7Wed

      "The Only Spiritual Food I Have"

      August 7, 2019 By the TWR Canada Team
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      Europe, North Macedonia
      There are about 15,000 Roma people living in Prilep, Macedonia, and it is from here that we broadcast the one-hour Voice of Truth radio program. Pastor Edijan and his team write and produce the programs, with a heart to see young Roma people find hope for a better future.

      “One of the goals of our programs is to encourage young people to complete high schools and colleges, to get engaged in the community and not to get married early and to create an unplanned family, to encourage them to think about change and about a better future. When they meet Jesus, they change. They become happier and realize that they are loved and that God will help them in their lives,” says Pastor Edijan.

      The Roma culture is largely Muslim, so Pastor Edijan carefully prepares programming by the Spirit’s leading that ministers to the hearts of Muslims. We are seeing many people listening diligently to the TWR broadcasts and asking questions about what they are hearing. Praise God that he is stirring the hearts of the Roma people and creating conversations about the gospel within the community.

      Unfortunately, there are also many people who oppose the work of the ministry, who speak out against the gospel. We are thankful to report that through this dark reality, Pastor Edijan has witnessed many people who hated Christianity become some of the most faithful believers in Christ.

      Radinka, a listener in Prilep, sees the need for media ministry in a hostile culture like hers. “I regularly listen to The Voice of Truth. I cannot go to church because everyone in my family is Muslim. If they found out that I’m a Christian they would probably abuse me and eventually kick me out of the house. I hope that the time will change and that I will have the freedom to go to church and publicly say that Jesus is my Saviour. In the meantime, radio programs and the Bible I keep hidden under my bed are the only spiritual food I have.”

      Life is hard in Macedonia, and the Roma people are suffering disproportionately. It’s very hard for them to find jobs; most Roma people resort to working seasonal jobs and jobs in the fields, but this work is very unstable. In the winter, they are often left to wonder if they will have enough money to get through. Statistics show that infant mortality among the Roma people is twice as high as in other communities in Macedonia. The Roma are desperate for the hope found in Jesus. Thank God that this ministry is thriving in the midst of political and economic insecurity and sinful brokenness.

      A listener, Ljubica, explains how God used The Voice of Truth program to change her life completely:

      “My husband and I had many problems in marriage; we were constantly fighting. I was very unhappy and slowly I lost my will for life, and I was hoping that something will change for better. My mother-in-law told me that there was a Christian radio program and that I should listen to it.

      “I did not know what to expect, but when I first heard it, I really liked the program and the topics. The word was about hardship of early marriage, and about the relationships in marriage. I liked what the Bible says about these things, about family, marriage and love. I was filled with heavenly peace and joy.

      “That’s what I’ve been waiting for for years. I begged my husband to listen with me too. Now we are listening together, and our marriage is much better. We started to respect each other and to read the Bible together. It's the most wonderful thing that happened to us. It's a miracle for us. Only God could do that.

      “Now we’re raising our children in the Christian spirit. We teach them not to lie, not steal, to finish school with good grades and to be wise when they choose their friends. Thanks to Pastor Edijan and to all who have enabled us to hear the truth through radio programs.”

      Praise God that he is using TWR broadcasts to reveal his truth to the Roma people of Prilep. Pray for the future of the program and that many would hear of the goodness of God and repent and believe in him.