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    • May30Wed

      The Importance of a Missional Vision

      May 30, 2018 By the TWR Canada Team
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      At TWR Canada, we hold fast to our vision to reach the world for Christ so that lasting fruit is produced. This vision is at the core of everything we do. Together with our mission and values, it helps us remain focused on what God has called us to do and keeps us from getting side-tracked. This has enabled us to be an effective worldwide ministry, a tool God uses to bring people to himself.

      Having a personal vision for our own lives is important too. Life is busy, and we can easily be swept up in our day-to-day tasks and not think about the bigger picture or the eternal importance of what we do.

      One couple who has been an inspiration for having a personal vision are volunteers Jon and Joyce Buttery. Jon went to West Africa to work at our transmitter site and together they continue to assist TWR Canada’s ministry through assisting with an annual TWR event in Edmonton, and other projects.

      Jon told us, “Having recently retired, we are in the transition phase of determining what is next. As we retired, many times we heard the question, ‘What are you going to do?’ I am beginning to understand that this is the wrong question to begin asking ourselves. Perhaps the first question to determine is, ‘Who am I going to be?’ Once we have answered this question, what we DO will flow naturally out of who we aim to BE. God is always more concerned with who we are becoming than what we are accomplishing.”

      When developing a vision of who we want to be and what is most important to us, we need to give careful thought to missions. Most Christians would agree that missions is an extremely important part of our walk with God. However, it can easily be put aside and forgotten about if we don’t integrate missions into our personal lives. Jon and Joyce noticed this as well. Jon told us, “I've found it invaluable to have an accountability partner to share our vision with in order to keep us tracking in that direction. There were times when I've felt intentional and times when I was distracted with all the 'free time' I all of a sudden had. I believe this was an important step to ensure we continued seeking God's will for our lives.”

      When the Butterys heard about TWR at Missions Fest Alberta in 2017, they wanted to know more. They attended a TWR event in their area and joined our email list, learning more and carefully examining TWR’s vision and mission. Once satisfied the work of TWR was compatible with their own vision and values, Jon contacted us to volunteer.

      Jon used his skills to work at the West Africa transmitter site. With his professional background, not only was he able to assist with maintenance, he was able to train the local staff, imparting knowledge from his professional experience that will serve the staff for years to come.

      While there, Jon was touched by the vision of Garth and Fiona Kennedy, career missionaries serving there. He wrote, “There was a strong sense of teamwork and partnering with other organizations who had people using their unique gifting to accomplish the goal of sharing the good news. What was somewhat surprising was the ministry being accomplished right within the station walls, to those who worked there. There was a vision to train and help mature the locals to do the work for themselves.”

      We are grateful for Jon’s assistance at the West Africa transmitter site. He and Joyce are currently exploring other opportunities to volunteer with TWR, including staying involved right here in Canada. Because of their vision, we know that they will continue to serve God in missions in whatever way it may look for the rest of their lives.

      What does a personal vision look like in your life? Start thinking about what role missions can play in that. If you already have missions as an integral part of your life, we’d love to hear about your vision and how it might align with serving with TWR Canada in the future!