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    • A Few Responses From Listeners In West Africa

      We just received these listener responses from our  partners in West Africa. We trust you'll be encouraged and uplifted by these stories. Thank you for partnering with TWR Canada to speak hope to the world.

      "May the Lord be with you. I am 29 years old from Benin. I want you to pray for me. I listen to your broadcasts, but I don't know what I should do with my life. I am a Christian and know what to do to be saved, but I haven’t made that decision because of greed. If it pleases you, pray for me."
      Text from listener in Benin

      "Your radio program Thru the Bible in Bambara is very listened to in Bamako. Every morning, thousands of listeners follow the program. Some have their faith increased, others who are not believers listen to the Gospel. Thanks to TWR to have set up this program.” - Listener from Bamako, Mali

      “I greet you, Pasteur Jean and the TWR team. I wanted to say that your broadcast is the true Word of God. God really changes the heart of a man. By listening to you, I tested your advice when the airing finished. For the last year, I concentrated on taking your advice and through prayer lived out what you taught. My wife doesn’t ask where I’ve been anymore. I am living for God on a daily basis. Thank you for your message and may God bless you."
      Listener from Burkina Faso

      "We live in Bamako, Mali. Every day we look forward to your various bible programs in Bambara. We have been spiritually blessed listening to your programs, and we had to write and tell you how many times our hearts have been touched. Thank you."
      Listener in Bamako, Mali

      "I used to listen to the advice of men instead of reading the Bible. I sent a SMS to TWR because I had a problem. I can’t break free of my love of money. How can I be a man of God? I received an answer telling me to be true with God and to pray to the One who delivers us from sin. I read the book 'Your Quest for God' and today I am delivered from my greed."
      A listener from Ivory Coast