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    • Jun19Wed

      Stepping Out of your Comfort Zone

      June 19, 2019 By the TWR Canada Team
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      Have you ever wondered what it is that God is calling you to do, in faith? What does stepping outside of your comfort zone mean for you? Trina Collet and her husband Vincent, along with their two young girls, felt that God was asking them to step outside of their comfort zone by moving away to become full-time missionaries. As a result, they are now TWR Canada missionaries serving in Lyon, France. We asked Trina how things were going in Lyon, and she graciously shared the following with us.
      One of the most important things that I have learned (and am still learning) to do, both in life in general and in missions, is to step outside of my comfort zone. It can be so easy to stay inside our comfort zones, but that is not always what God calls us to do!

      Growing up, I was very shy, but when I graduated university, God opened a door for me to teach high school French. Although the idea was scary to me, it felt like that was where God was leading me, so I decided to go for it. Since then, he’s been nudging me out of my comfort zone in so many ways that I would never have imagined, and I’ve learned that it is one way that he strengthens our faith and teaches us to trust completely in him.

      One of my first experiences with missions was going to Haiti for a week. It was only a week, but the idea scared me a little because I’d heard that Haiti could be a dangerous country. But I went, and it was a wonderful and very spiritually-enriching experience.

      Another missions experience was participating in a kids' Bible camp in English in Quebec City. At first, I just helped out, but after a few summers of helping, one summer I ended up organizing and leading the camp for three weeks. People who knew me as a shy kid would have been pretty surprised to see me shouting and singing silly songs during morning welcome time at camp!

      Later, God led me from a stable job teaching high school in Ontario to going back to school in Quebec City as a full-time student. This was another scary jump for me, but it ended up being another opportunity for my faith to grow.

      Then, I met my now-husband, Vincent. He was very interested in foreign missions and shared this with me when we started dating. The idea of moving to another country to be a mission worker seemed very daunting to me, and I’d never seriously considered it before. But as our relationship progressed, God opened my mind to the idea, yet again nudging me outside my comfort zone!

      When we were married, we started exploring the possibility of missions, not sure of how we could serve using the gifts that we had. At first, we both thought that if we were going to do mission work, we’d need to find a position with a salary, as neither of us could imagine raising support, i.e., having to ask people for money. But God had different plans in mind for us and presented us with an opportunity to serve at a Christian radio station in France … but with no salary. This was not an easy decision, especially since we now had two children, but the more we explored the possibility, the more we felt that God was calling our family to this ministry. And so, we found ourselves, as a couple, pushed way outside our comfort zone: the dreaded task of support raising! Thankfully, we had a really great coach, a mission worker in our church, who walked us through the process and helped us to see it as a positive experience rather than a necessary burden.

      And although it wasn’t always easy or fun, it really did end up, overall, being an encouraging experience for us! God taught us to trust him to provide, and he did provide!

      In July of 2018, our family (Vincent and I and our two daughters, then aged 4 and 2) moved to a town near Lyon, France. Although Vincent’s family is in France, they live hours away, and we knew no one here. Thankfully, we found a wonderful 
      church where we have made several new friends. And God hasn’t finished pushing us out of our comfort zones yet! In most recent news, I will soon be starting to host a radio program! The station where Vincent serves was looking for someone to host a five-minute show, once a week, where they take an English Christian song and explain in French what it’s about. They asked if I’d be interested, and of course my initial reaction was to be nervous about the idea of talking on air … But then I couldn’t help thinking, God sent us here as a family to share the gospel message in France through radio, so why would I turn down an opportunity to participate in this ministry? So here I am, preparing to be heard on the airwaves … and honestly, it’s a little terrifying. But it’s also exciting, and I am learning a lot from it already.
      Of course, God doesn’t call everyone to move to a foreign country or speak in public to evangelize. But he does call us to be living sacrifices (Romans 12:1), and sometimes that means doing something that scares us or that doesn’t come naturally to us. For a shy person, that could even be something like contributing to the hospitality in your home church by saying hello to a new person or inviting someone you don’t know very well for coffee. I still struggle with venturing outside my comfort zone, but I’m grateful that God has nudged me out in the ways that he has!

      We are also grateful that God has nudged Trina and Vincent along the path of missions and are thankful to have them as a part of our team! Next month marks one year since they moved to France. You can join their support team by praying for them, following their story by receiving their emails and financially supporting the work that God has called them to in Lyon. If you’d like to join their team, you can sign up by visiting our website or contact the office at info@twr.ca or 888-672-6510.