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    • May16Wed

      Stepping Out in Faith and Seeing God Work in Slovakia

      May 16, 2018 By the TWR Canada Team
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      In Slovakia, TWR’s partner, Radio7, was presented with the opportunity of broadcasting in three additional cities. Combined with the four transmitters already broadcasting, this would bring the potential audience to one million listeners, which is 20 percent of the country! Radio7 prayed and felt that God was leading them toward this, even though they did not have money to pay for it. They moved forward in faith. TWR Canada heard about what they wanted to do from a Slovakian-born Canadian woman (who became a Christian many years ago because of the radio programs in Slovakia), and we were inspired to support the project.

      The director of TWR’s ministry in Slovakia, Ivan Zustiak, recently sent us this report:

      “[The government said] we had to start broadcasting on all three frequencies in 2017. We didn’t have any money, but we believed it was God’s will that we start it. We built the antennas for transmitters, one by one, first in Bratislava, then in Kosice. The last one should have been in Zilina.

      “During the days of praying for the antenna in Zilina, I was called to give an account to the National Broadcasting Committee. We had to explain why we had not started the broadcast in Zilina. I planned a meeting with the chair of the committee. I prayed for it, and I was expecting what was going to happen. I was wondering if we were about to lose the frequency for Zilina. When I entered the office of the committee chair, she offered me coffee and a seat and told me: ‘I listen to your radio. I listen to Radio7. You are doing a good work. Broadcast more stories about changed lives. That’s what no other radio does.’

      “Not only did we not lose the frequency, we found out that we have fans in the highest places. Glory to God.

      “Nevertheless, we still had to find the money for the transmitter. The churches and individuals from Slovakia provided funds for the previous two new transmitters in Bratislava and Kosice, and we felt like we have nowhere else to turn for help in this matter. We prayed. And here is how God showed us a way where there seemed to be no way.

      “My friends [the woman mentioned above and her friend] with whom I went to youth meetings had emigrated to Canada. I lost contact with them. I did not even know that they came to Bratislava to visit their parents every now and then. One day they were in Bratislava eating ice cream on the main square. One of these friends asked his wife: 'Did you manage to get the phone number of Ivan Zustiak?' She said: 'Not yet but we can probably get it from the person sitting over here.' She said that because she heard someone next to her sharing about Jesus to his companion— even though the person was a stranger to her. She said — he is an evangelist and Ivan is an evangelist so they probably know each other. And in fact, it was a pastor who knew me, and he gave them my phone number.”

      After thirty years, they were re-connected, and these Canadian friends became supporters of the new transmitter. With this, along with the support of TWR Canada, the transmitter was soon broadcasting the hope of Christ. Join us in praising God for supplying our needs in the most unlikely ways, enabling us to reach Slovakians with the gospel.