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    • Apr19Wed

      Steadfast in the Face Of Persecution

      April 19, 2017 by TWR Canada
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      From the TWR Canada Newsletter

      Muslims with a fervent heart for their religion, M and his wife N did everything in their power to please their god. They followed all rules, completed all the religious duties and went to Mecca – not once, as is required for all Muslims, but twice. They wanted to be certain they were satisfying their god’s requirements and would attain eternal life.

      One day their friend tried to talk to them about the Gospel of Jesus. Appalled, they refused to even speak to their friend again. He didn’t give up, but kept challenging them. After a while, this friend introduced them to H, a house church leader and on-the-ground partner of TWR, who was visiting the area to encourage believers who had contacted our Persian ministry team.                                          

      H shared the Gospel with them, and they began to ask questions. After three days of debating, M committed his life to Christ, and in time his wife also became a Christian.

      But they had no way to learn more about God. Then H invited them to a conference hosted by TWR, and they eagerly accepted. By the third day of the conference, M stood up and addressed the group. “Now for the first time, I understand the true Gospel.”

      M and N were both baptized soon afterwards. They continued to grow in their faith by listening to TWR’s Persian-language broadcasts on the radio and attending TWR conferences. They started leading house churches as well as distributing radio programs on SD cards and visiting listeners who contacted our team.

      One day, they were arrested, but allowed to return home under strict conditions: they couldn’t share their faith or meet with other believers. Then 5 years later, they were arrested again. They were told, “We know you are sharing about Jesus. Five years ago, there were 100 Christians in this area. Now there are 5000.”

      Before they went to court, M sent our team the following message: “Friends and neighbours told us we are crazy to be so committed to our faith. They said we should just say we are Muslims so that we will be free. I said, ‘What kind of faith do we have? It is real or is it not? This time of testing will really prove how much God loves us and how committed we are to him.’ For ten years I have been a servant of God and obeyed him. Tomorrow I will share my faith in court. I will tell the judge that Christ is my Lord. He has changed my life; how could I deny him? God is working so wonderfully in my life and I have witnessed his goodness to me. I will not deny God. My life and that of my loved ones belong to God. What I have is from him. Whatever comes, I will stand firm. If God gives me the opportunity to give my testimony, I will take it as an honour.” Praise the Lord for M’s example of faithfulness. “Yet if anyone suffers as a Christian, let him not be ashamed, but let him glorify God.” (1 Peter 4:16 ESV).

      M and N were recently sentenced. The wife was not charged but M is in jail for one year. Pray for daily strength for him as he goes through his sentence, as well as for his wife as they are separated.

      Because of your support, TWR Canada’s Persian ministry is able to minister from a distance through radio broadcasts and social media, and one-on-one through discipleship conferences and local visits to encourage hundreds of believers like M and N, strengthening them for their day of testing. Read more at