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    • Oct13Wed

      Sri Lanka's Radio Home Group Program is Answering Prayers

      October 13, 2021 By the TWR Canada Team
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      Testimonies, Sri Lanka

      Since their introduction over the past year, radio home groups have been flourishing in Sri Lanka and beyond! The team has recently launched an online program, where participants are accessing radio home group materials in countries like Italy, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Canada, as well as across the Middle East! To date, there are 578 groups who meet in person and online groups.  

      “I minister in a major religious city of Sri Lanka as a pastor. I would like to thank the TWR team because they are doing a great ministry in Sri Lanka by implementing such an important and valuable program called radio home groups. It is a sound doctrinal program. The team goes and introduces this Bible study program in most of the rural areas in our country. This is a particularly good way to spread the Word of God all over the country. After studying this program, I can see a lot of positive development among my church members on their theological knowledge. This method is a good way to study and understand the Word of God. By using this radio unit, they can listen several times to each lesson. The content of the radio home group program is extremely attractive because it has been structured very nicely. I can totally recommend this program to any church. Students can listen to the lessons while they are working. Therefore, this program is very good for people who like to study and learn the Word of God but have no specific time to do it. I give thanks to God and all the members of the team. They are doing a marvelous thing in Sri Lanka by sharing God’s Word.” 

      “This radio home group concept is an amazing one. As a church, we meet in small groups most of the time. Together with up to five families, we hold these house churches. The radio home group concept supports our house churches. These lessons are brilliant. We can learn a lot of things about God and the Christian faith from this program. We have started 15 radio home groups in our church. After listening to the lesson ‘Authority of the Bible’, all the listeners show a tremendous interest in reading the Bible. As a church, we are planning to spread the gospel with these radios. Thank you for your support!” 

      “My name is Sanjeewa, and I am pastoring a Sinhala-speaking congregation in Italy. We use the internet for most of our programs. We discovered this program, and it has been a big help in developing our knowledge and learning more about God. A series of lessons like this is a great help for us and our children who are alone in a foreign country. It is helping us to break the loneliness and move forward by learning about God and being closer to God. I have a new hope. Even more, I am very happy that the children of God around me are learning about God with great interest and enthusiasm because of these lessons.”

      “I am a pastor working in Italy. Ten years ago, I had a dream to start a Bible seminary in Italy to teach correct theology to Sri Lankans living in Italy and abroad. This program is an answer to my prayers! Praise be to God.”

      Praise God for the work he is doing in Sri Lanka and abroad through the radio home group program. Pray that participants will grow in their relationship with God and share their faith with others.