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    • Jan6Wed

      Sharing The Gospel In Japan

      January 6, 2016
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      Asia, Evangelism

      Donkey Tracts

      Some of you may remember receiving or handing out Bible tracts. It's not as popular as it used to be in Canada, but our partner TWR Asia is seeing great success with them in Japan.
      They call it Donkey Tracts, because the donkey carried the Good News (Jesus) into the city just a few days before Christ's death and resurrection. Volunteers from China and Singapore met with Japanese pastors and believers to hand deliver Bible tracts, copies of the Book of John, and flyers promoting TWR programs and schedules to homes in the Tohoku region (the area most affected by the 2011 tsunami  -- highlighted in light blue below). The Scripture distribution was done in partnership with The Gideons International in Canada.
      "How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!” Romans 10:15 ESV.
      Samuel Tan leads the TWR Asia team. "Japan is a spiritually hard ground. It's a missionary graveyard," he said when he visited Canada a few months ago.

      Samuel went on to say that when Japanese people hear the gospel message through the radio they don’t take offense against a particular person and are more open to seeking out answers on their own. TWR broadcasts four programs in the Tohoku region of Japan: Praise and Worship, Power of Gospel, Blessing Japan, and Season of Hope. Just a year ago, we reported through the Journey to Hope blog that TWR had begun broadcasting just two programs in Japanese. There has been a great response to this ministry.

      In total, over 9000 copies of the Bible tracts, the book of John, and radio program flyers each were distributed by volunteers this Fall in four cities where local churches had partnered with TWR. At times, the volunteers walked 17km per day over their 7-9 day mission trip.

      “After the tsunami, people are softened and we are now able to preach the gospel and offer hope through the FM networks,” said Samuel Tan.
      Please pray for those who are delivering the tracts and that those who receive them would have open hearts to the Gospel message.