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    • Jul13Wed

      Sharing Hope In Japan

      July 13, 2016
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      Asia, Discipleship, Leadership, Evangelism

      TWR Canada ministers to those affected by 2016 earthquake


      Samuel Tan (right), international director of Northeast Asia, stands with David Kazama (middle), producer for TWR Japan, and the radio station manager in Kumamoto. Since the earthquake, the radio station has been receiving stacks of responses from listeners.

      In April 2016, parts of Japan were struck by a series of earthquakes, including a magnitude-7.0 quake, injuring thousands of people and causing extensive damage to the community. There were more than 160 aftershocks.

      “As a media ministry, we normally only go to a place like this after two years,” said Samuel Tan, international director of the Northeast Asia region. “The reason is the emotional and psychological needs usually kick in after two years. The first one, two years usually, their needs are physical – housing, food.”

      The April earthquake caused damage in a 5 km radius and many people lost their homes. Tan visited an FM station in the Kumamoto area in May. “Before the earthquake, not many people had written in [to our programs],” Tan said. After the earthquake, there are piles of feedback from listeners. Many people in the area are now turning to the radio to alert them in case of another disaster.

      Because of the local response, TWR has begun to broadcast gospel programming in this area now. TWR Canada is sponsoring 50% of the airtime for the Power of Gospel radio program. This program invites Japanese pastors to boldly share the gospel. The idea behind the program is that the local pastors would know best the needs and ways to share the hope of Christ with the people in their communities.
      It is not common to air gospel programs in Japan, but TWR found an open door following the 2011 tsunami, and God continues to open doors in Japan.

      Power of Gospel will air one hour a day, Monday through Friday in Kumamoto beginning July 1. This station reaches a potential one million listeners. Following the disaster, “there is a fear created among the community,” Tan said.

      Join us in praying for this new program and for those who have been affected by this disaster -- that they might find their hope renewed in a saving faith in Christ.Save