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    • Jun12Wed

      Making an Impact: TWR Canada Summer Students

      June 12, 2019 The TWR Canada Team
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      Canadian Ministry
      Ryan (left) and Tess (right) in at the TWR Canada office.
      Ryan (left) and Tess (right) in at the TWR Canada office.
      This year, we have two summer students who are working on our communications and project teams. We want to introduce them to you and share with you a bit about their passion and desire to serve the Lord this summer and throughout the course of their lives.

      I began my undergraduate degree in media theory and production with the hope of entering the entertainment industry upon graduation. Now, five years later, I laugh about how where I’ve ended up is not at all where I had hoped – and yet, it’s so much better. I am working as TWR Canada’s communications student intern as I finish up my master’s degree in media journalism and communication, and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

      As I was nearing the end of my time as a student, I wondered where God was leading me vocationally. It was around this time that I attended a missions conference for young adults in Kentucky. God used this experience to confirm my suspicion that he was calling me to media ministry. My eyes were opened to the urgency of the gospel and my role as a disciple of Jesus in bringing the gospel to unreached people groups.

      At the conference, one of the speakers talked about our role in missions. He said, “Christians care about all suffering, especially eternal suffering.”

      I began to asses my own priorities as God was deepening my eternal perspective.

      Following the conference, I met with an elder from my church who happened to be the former president of TWR Canada, Gerald Hayes. He and his wife Gloria told me many stories of what God had done around the world through TWR Canada during their time with the ministry. When it came time to apply for internships for school, God reminded me of the stories Gerald and Gloria had told me of people of many nations and religions coming to a saving faith in Jesus through TWR’s work, so I applied. God, through his grace and mercy, brought me to TWR Canada.

      I am only in the start of my role here, but I have been extremely encouraged as I learn about the ministry and how God is using it to reach the world. Since I’ve been here, I have heard many stories of people imitating Paul by dying to themselves as they work to fulfill the great commission. Philippians 1:21 says, “For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain” (ESV). This is the culture in which I get to work. I am thankful for this awesome opportunity.


      This past spring, I finished my undergrad degree at Western University in health sciences, specifically in rehabilitation sciences. This fall I’ll be on my way to Hamilton, Ontario, to begin my Bachelor of Education – the final step towards my dream of becoming a kindergarten teacher. My health sciences degree doesn’t necessarily go hand-in-hand with a teaching degree, but God used my experience to show me that his plans for my life can be different than my own and that he will always reveal them to me in his perfect timing.

      My job at TWR Canada isn’t related to my goal of teaching either, but I am learning valuable skills, like communication and organization, that I can use wherever I end up in life.

      I worked at TWR Canada in the summer of 2016; my job then was to format and organize documents for Discipleship Essentials. Although the job could be repetitive at times, the work gave me an incredible sense of purpose. I was involved in something bigger than the small task I was given, as Discipleship Essentials was, and still is, having a large impact on non-believers and believers across the globe.

      This summer, I have the opportunity to once again work with Discipleship Essentials, as well as some other organizational jobs that involve uploading resources to the TWR360 website. I am excited to be back at TWR Canada because I know that the work I am doing is making a tangible impact in God’s Kingdom. This job is rewarding in other ways as well: I am surrounded by Godly men and women all working to build up God’s Kingdom in ways that I could not have ever imagined.

      I was first introduced to TWR when I was just six years old, when my mother, Colleen, began working in the TWR Canada office. Growing up I have attended banquets, presentations and have heard stories about how God is using this ministry to bring people closer to him. However, it wasn’t until the summer of 2016 that I started to gain a broader understanding of the scope of the ministries in which TWR Canada is involved. I am beyond excited to be working here again so I can continue to increase my awareness, knowledge, faith and appreciation of the work God is doing through TWR.
      It is our hope that you are encouraged as you have read how God has brought both Tess and Ryan to our team at TWR Canada this summer! Join us in praying for them both as they continue to discern how ministry will play into their future vocations.