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    • May29Wed

      Seeing God at Work in Canada

      May 29, 2019 By the TWR Canada Team
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      Canadian Ministry, Discipleship Essentials
      In the past, we have shared with you about Discipleship Essentials and its impact around the world, but what does it look like to use DE here in Canada?

      Our Urdu DE Champions, Eliasaph and Kashifah, live in Edmonton, Alberta. For over a year, they have led discipleship groups across their city, strengthening believers and inviting those who do not know Christ to come into relationship with him. These discipleship groups have used the DE material to grow in their faith. As well, through studying the DE material, God has planted a desire in these believers to see the Hindu and Sikh communities in Edmonton come to know the Lord.

      As a result of the training and growth they experienced, some of the members of Kashifah and Eliasaph’s discipleship groups began their own discipleship groups in their communities. In her most recent report, Kashifah shared the following with us:

      “The foremost thing that I want to share will excite you. The second generation of our DE disciples are now becoming 2 Timothy 2:2 Christians who are now in the process of teaching others and making disciples. YES!!! That’s true!

      “Our disciples are now making disciples and strategizing to reach the Hindu and Sikh community. You will be encouraged to realize that the disciples whom we trained through DE are now becoming spiritually productive.

      “There are six couples (our disciples) who come from Hindu and Sikh backgrounds who are now directly involved in bringing the light of Christ to the Hindu and Sikh neighbourhoods and communities in Edmonton. These couples are filled with enthusiasm and zeal and carry great passion in reaching their communities.

      “A few days back, the couples organized their first evangelistic event. They contributed for the event from their own pockets and invited 40 Hindu and Sikh individuals and families to a community hall which they rented. The team took the opportunity to sing Christian songs with them, shared their testimonies and also shared food.

      “Eliasaph and I were part of this event and seeing them doing all this was heart-warming and encouraging.

      “During the next few weeks, Eliasaph and I will be meeting with these couples to plan and strategize further events in reaching the Hindu and Sikh communities here in Edmonton. Please continue to pray that God may prepare the hearts whom we desire to reach this summer.”

      We are excited with Eliasaph and Kashifah to see God moving and changing lives here in Canada! This is just one of the ways Kashifah and Eliasaph are seeing God move in Edmonton among the Sikh and Hindu communities. Join us in praying for the spiritual movement that is happening among these communities in Edmonton.

      We are also excited to share that Discipleship Essentials is now available online in Urdu! We have been promising this for a long time and so we are delighted to share this news. You can find DE in Urdu and 11 other languages here. If you are using DE, in any language, we would love to hear how God is growing your faith and the faith of others through it.