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    • Feb19Wed

      Seeds Planted Take Root Among Refugees

      February 19, 2014 by TWR Canada
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      Evangelism, Europe
      Vienna, Austria
      Vienna, Austria
      TWR Canada missionary Carol Hawkins sent this story shared by a Vienna team member. It encouraged our team and we pray it will encourage you as well. Radio planted a seed 20 years ago that bears fruit today.

      From Vienna...

      I regularly attend a Christian coffee bar for asylum seekers (refugees). Last week I noticed a man alone so I sat next to him and started a conversation. He was from Syria but spoke reasonable English. I gave him a printed copy of what the centre is about.

      He carefully read through the material. His eyes grew wide and he tapped the brochure in his hand. With a smile he almost shouted, “Bible, you have Bibles?”

      "Yes, we're Christians."

      He nearly bounced in his seat. "I to am a Christian. I have been praying I would find other believers."

      "How did you become a Christian," I asked.

      “By studying the Bible,” he said.

      "Why did you start studying the Bible?"

      "I wanted to compare the Christian faith to the faith I had grown up with."

      "But what made you ask that question?"

      “I listened to a radio program that talked about the Bible. There are 50 to 60 believers in my village now. We baptized 20 people a few months ago.”

      Our coworker wrote: He may have heard that program nearly 20 years ago, but it was the spark which set a fire going which is still having its effects. To God be the Glory. In Christ, our labours are not in vain.