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    • Mar15Wed

      Renewed Desire For Outreach in Philippines

      March 15, 2017 by TWR Canada
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      Asia, Discipleship, Discipleship Essentials
      A group of training participants in the Philippines
      A group of training participants in the Philippines

      A Discipleship Essentials Ministry Report

      TWR Canada's Discipleship Essentials is our most far-reaching ministry and is increasingly sought after. The tool is free to use and distribute, but TWR Canada also offers Train-the-Trainer sessions to help churches learn how to use the tool and how to implement a successful and ongoing discipleship ministry that delivers measurable impact to the local community.

      Discipleship Essentials launches in Philippines

      Our partners in the Philippines were one of the first to express interest in using Discipleship Essentials more than a year ago. Now that the three-year pilot program in Egypt has completed its first year, we have a better idea of what kinds of tangible helps we can and should offer churches. We're applying the knowledge learned in Egypt to the launch in the Philippines.

      TWR Canada veteran missionary McDaniel Phillips has been leading this ministry and recently returned from the Philippines where the first training sessions were met with enthusiasm. 120 local church leaders and pastors from Zamboanga City came for three 2.5 day training sessions focused on developing a strategic plan to launch a discipleship movement in their churches. They are now taking what they've learned and will introduce the vision for a spiritual movement to their congregations using Discipleship Essentials as one of their primary tools.

      Each participant received the full Discipleship Essentials curriculum with English Leader's Guides, Study Guides, and devotionals in English and Cebuano on SD cards they can use with their phones and laptops.

      How to Pray

      The threats these church leaders face in launching a discipleship ministry are not insignificant. The reality these people live with every day is that radicals and militants are active and have kidnapped and tortured people. Every few months the global media reports on a kidnapped national from the West being held hostage for ransom, and some of those people have been killed. The people in the Philippines have undergone armed conflict and curfews. The Church is divided on how to handle the issue of outreach to their neighbours. Some of the identified threats include:

      • religious resistance
      • prone to tsunamis and typhoons
      • kidnapping and ransom
      • other religious groups
      • peace and order (should the current political peace and order disintegrate, that would be a threat)

      It is now with the local church leaders to determine how quickly the next phases of the training take place, as they take what they've learned back to their churches to train their own people. Enthusiasm is always high at the start, but the kind of discipleship we have encouraged them to seek out is a lifestyle and lifelong. Pray they would fully understand the risks they take. Pray they would earnestly seek to grow in faith and maturity, and in love for their neighbours.

      For more information about McDaniel's trip to the Philippines, read the TWR Canada blog here.