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    • Sep15Wed

      Receiving the Message of Salvation Through Media Players

      September 15, 2021 By the TWR Canada Team
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      Media Players, South America

      In many parts of the world, people have little access or exposure to the gospel because of where they live and what language they speak. TWR Canada seeks to fill this need by sharing the hope of Christ in people’s heart languages, using the best type of media for the context. This is often in the form of media players, as they are compact, portable and customizable. In rural areas, media players are a powerful way to share the gospel message with unreached people groups. In these regions, there is often poor or no internet connection, and geography makes radio broadcasting challenging. Media players allow people to hear the Word of God in their heart language, and to gather in small groups for fellowship and discipleship.

      As a media ministry, this is an exciting time to be involved in media! Media technology is constantly changing and becoming more affordable, portable and accessible. With the use of media players, such as the solar-powered ImpaX device from our partner organization Galcom International, USB drives, SD cards, MicroSD cards, and mobile apps, we are able to deliver the truth of God to many people!


      Following a TWR Latin America Partners Conference, we partnered with RTM Peru for a media player distribution project. TWR Canada provided 200 Galcom ImpaX players which contained an audio New Testament in the Quechua del Cusco language, Thru the Bible in Spanish, and several pre-tuned radio stations from within the region, as well as the Bonaire station. Due to the pandemic, distribution of the players was delayed, but RTM Peru has now begun to give out these players.

      The first distribution was on July 3. The team organized a day of evangelism in Lima, where they interacted with more than 100 people and preached the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to them. They used an amplifier with two speakers to preach to the entire community from a truck. After, they gave the solar radios to people who expressed an interest in learning more about the message of salvation.


      During the distribution they met Veronica, a 30-year-old married woman who has three children and owns a small shop. She listened attentively to the gospel presentation, and, through many tears, she asked that the pastor of the church visit her and help with her marriage. Veronica recognized that only God could help change her life and her marriage. The church pastor and church leaders promised to visit and gave her a solar radio.

      Flor is another woman who listened attentively to the message of Jesus and gave the team 30 minutes of her time to hear the good news. Like Veronica, she asked that the pastor visit her home, so that her entire family would be able to hear the gospel. She also received a solar radio and was very happy that she will hear the Word of God through the radio.

      Praise God for these testimonies! We look forward to sharing more impact stories with you as RTM Peru continues to distribute media players in the country in the coming months.