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    • Jul31Tue

      Reaching the Unreached in China

      July 31, 2018 By the TWR Canada Team
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      China, Media Players
      Last week, we shared with you several of the portable media device projects that TWR Canada is involved in. These projects involve sharing the gospel and discipling believers through the use of portable media devices such as media players, SD cards, micro SD cards and USB drives. We briefly shared about the China Son-Lift project and how it is reaching unreached people in China. This week, we want to share more about that project with you.

      TWR Canada has partnered with TWR Asia to share the gospel with 106 unreached people groups in China. The goal of the project is to translate and produce dramatized Bible stories, an audio Bible and worship music into 15 major languages, which will then be distributed on media players. To date, the programming has been translated and produced in seven of these languages, covering 68 of these unreached people groups. In 2017, 956 media players were distributed! TWR Canada has partnered in the translation and production of content in five languages over two years: Mandarin, Hakka, Yue, Mongolian and Nosu Yi.

      TWR Asia staff and volunteers work on the ground to distribute media players to unreached people groups across China. They come home with stories of God’s faithfulness and goodness, and they share those stories with us.

      “Two months ago, our inland co-worker went on an exploration trip with a few local church leaders in search of two unreached people groups speaking the Xiang language, whom they had learned of. Despite their efforts and enquires along the way, the group could not locate these two groups.

      “However, not all was lost, nor was the visit fruitless. God’s ways are higher than our ways. On the fourth day of their visit, they came to a village where locals kindly gave them an introduction to the cultural settings in that area.

      “In return, our group told them the purpose of their visit. In the course of doing so, they also took the opportunity to share the gospel. Among the audience was the branch secretary of the village. We look forward to the day when he himself comes to faith in Christ.

      “During this same visit, there was an entire family of four – husband, wife and two children – who, upon hearing the gospel, prayed to receive Christ as Lord! Perhaps the Lord may use them as a light for the rest of the village (including the branch secretary) coming to faith in Jesus!”

      Though the group intended for their trip to reach these two unreached people groups, this was not God’s plan. Instead, they were able to share the gospel message with an entirely different group of people who had never heard the gospel. God used this trip to change the lives of one family, and we join with TWR Asia in praying that God would use this family to reach the rest of the village.

      Join us in praying for the unreached people in China and for the teams of staff and volunteers who are travelling to share the gospel with them. We are excited that lives are being changed and that God’s Word is being made known to people who have never heard of him before!