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    • Oct18Wed

      Reaching Sri Lanka with the Hope of Christ

      October 18, 2017 by the TWR Canada team
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      Asia, Sri Lanka
      A Sri Lankan listener group
      A Sri Lankan listener group
      In January of this year, we shared the work we are doing in partnership with TWR Sri Lanka. Through this year, we have seen God at work in this ministry in exciting ways!

      With so few churches throughout Sri Lanka, media is the most effective way to reach this previously-unreached people group. TWR Canada partners with TWR Sri Lanka to produce and air a 30-minute radio program called God’s Unique Book. Through this program, the entire island of Sri Lanka is reached, and the seed of the gospel is spread to this Buddhist country.

      While initial episodes were based on the book By This Name by John Cross, subsequent episodes have been written based on listener feedback. A tailored series of programs has been written addressing the spiritual needs of the people based on their responses and common struggles. Through these programs, people who live in spiritual bondage, captive to the traditions of the Buddhist faith, learn how faith in Jesus can free them from a life of fear and death. Topics covered include salvation, the death and resurrection of Jesus, the authority of the Bible, the value of man and what it means to be created in the image of Christ.  

      My name is Angela. I listen to your program regularly. I am a woman rejected by my church community. I am paralyzed. My church leader told me that it was because of the lack of my faith and because of my faults and sins. I lived a life of condemnation. I thought that God did not love me. But, after hearing a message from your program, I realized that God loves even a paralyzed woman like me.”

      As the program becomes more popular, more and more people are responding with stories that demonstrate the need for hope in Christ.

      I had an issue with my neighbour. Because of him, I have a head injury from a fight when we were kids. Since the day of the fight I have hated him. I do not talk to him. However, since I have listened to your program I feel like I must forgive him. Should I forgive him?

      Another listener writes, “My young sister fell from the train and died. We all cry so much. Our family is suffering every day. We came across your program, and it brought comfort to us. We desperately want to learn from it.”

      Since January 2017, 2,994 listeners have responded by phone calls, text messages and letters. This is a significant increase over previous years. The impact of this program is also demonstrated through the growth and feedback that has come from listener meetings, sometimes referred to as radio home groups. Since January of 2017, 83 radio home groups have been established (prior to this there were 19 radio home groups reported).

      Church visits also provide an opportunity for encouragement and feedback. “I am so happy to tell you that this radio program has become a great blessing to our church. We had six groups in the beginning, and now it has expanded to sixteen groups. Twelve members of three groups are mostly from a Buddhist background and are now members of my church. Through this program, members have been able to study the Word of God. I am seeing a rise of new leaders and disciples.”

      Sri Lanka is the world’s fourth most religious country, and yet only one percent of the population are Christians. It is our desire to present God’s plan of salvation and to provide hope through the promises of God’s Word. TWR Canada does this through the program God’s Unique Book. In addition to providing funds for ongoing production and airing of these programs, we support our team in Sri Lanka as they work to build community through radio home groups and follow-up ministry.

      You can read our January update here. Please pray for these home groups in Sri Lanka; pray that more would be formed and that lasting fruit is produced.