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    • Jan6Wed

      Radio Home Groups Come to Sri Lanka

      January 6, 2021 by the TWR Canada Team
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      Asia, Testimonies, Sri Lanka, Radio Home Groups

      We are excited to share that radio home groups are expanding! The team in Sri Lanka has adopted the program and has launched 320 groups to date, with a total of 1,400 listeners!

      In preparation for the launch of radio home groups, TWR designed a special radio home group media player with the following features:

      • Extended battery for longer playback time;
      • Big speaker and a built-in amp to cover a larger audience;
      • Remote controlled – making it easy to fast forward through lessons;
      • Built in AM and FM radio;
      • Extended antenna for clear reception;
      • SD card slot; and
      • Ability to connect to a Solar power panel.

      In addition to this, the team in Sri Lanka is developing a radio home group app, where audio lessons will be available and listeners will be able to share their testimonies and photos of their radio home groups. Below are a few testimonies from the new radio home group leaders and members:

      “I am a pastor of a rural church. We have been persecuted by Buddhists for more than eight years. We have faced many challenges in running the church and teaching the Word because of the persecution. In the past 8 years, we have only run six small groups in the church, and we never experienced any growth. But after TWR introduced us to the radio home group program, we experienced a rapid growth in our church. In less than three months we were able to start six new groups to study the radio home group program. We have found six new leaders to lead those study groups. Today we have 12 groups and 12 leaders thanks to TWR’s program. This program is ideal for the growth of rural churches that face persecution.”

      “I am an elderly woman and I’m almost losing my eyesight. I cannot read small letters properly and find it difficult to read my Bible. Since the radio home group program was introduced to our church, I can learn many things that I didn’t know about the Bible and Christianity before. Thank you very much. Now I can be humbly proud about my biblical knowledge.”

      “This is a very useful and important program. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we could not have Sunday services. But the radio home program was especially useful to my church members. I can easily train them in the Word of God now. I need to express my deepest appreciation to TWR. There is a village near my home and there are more than 15 Christians living there. In the last four years I couldn’t conduct any Bible studies with these Christians, but today with the help of the radio home group program, I can teach the Word of God easily to these 15 Christians from their own homes.”

      Praise the Lord for these amazing testimonies! Please pray for the continued growth of these groups, and that listeners will understand and accept the good news of the gospel.