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    • Aug14Tue

      Radio Brings a Village to the Lord

      August 14, 2018 By the TWR Canada Team
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      Suno lives in a small village on a hill, 50 kilometres away from the nearest town. He was recently visited by the TWR India staff who then sent us the following story.

      “There are 39 families in Suno’s village, a complete non-Christian village. Spirit worship, animal sacrifice and substance abuse were very common. Worship of the earth-god demanded the shedding of blood, and festive occasion rituals were cumbersome. Suno’s family’s economic situation deteriorated enormously by meeting the demands of his traditional faith! To sacrifice animals, he had to borrow money. All the stress led him into depression, and he became an alcoholic.

      “Until recently, there were no roads into the village. In the village, the only means of any entertainment was the radio. In 1996, when he was 18 years old, Suno came across TWR India’s radio program in his native Soura language. He was surprised to hear a program in his own language and thought that the government had newly recognized Soura people and were broadcasting in their language. But as he listened, he came to know who Jesus was and, since it was on a radio, he believed that it must be a proven truth. From then on, he made it a point to listen to the programs on a regular basis. After coming to know about Jesus’ life, teachings, death, resurrection and ascension, he committed his life and became an ardent believer of Jesus.

      “He was curious to know if there was anyone else having a similar desire for Jesus. His search ultimately led him to find one other believer who lived in a village 15 km away. This believer was a pastor of a church there, and he helped him grow in the Lord. In time, three more families came to Christ! Prior to accepting Christ, several of the family members were sick. Seeing the faith and transformation in Suno’s life, they also started to listen to the Soura radio programs. Now, 28 families in Suno’s village have come to Christ! Suno serves the Lord in his village as a pastor and reaches out to neighbouring villages.”

      These believers, including the pastors, have little biblical education beyond what they have heard on TWR India’s radio broadcasts in their language. Recently, TWR Canada, in partnership with TWR India, distributed media players to these and other groups that meet to listen to the radio programs in nearby villages. The media players give them further programming, including discipleship materials, to teach believers in a way that is accessible on-demand and supplements the radio programs. Please pray for the remaining 11 families in Suno’s village who have yet to come to Christ.