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    • Jul6Wed

      Preserving Values With New Media

      July 6, 2016
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      Discipleship, Partnership

      Radio is still a very powerful tool in reaching people around world, but people (even in third-world countries) are changing how they consume media. To remain relevant as a media ministry, we need to pay attention to these changes and perhaps that means, in certain places – with certain people groups, that we change how we deliver content.

      Thru The Bible (TTB) is one of our ministry partners pushing ahead and experimenting with new media opportunities. Gregg Harris is President and CEO of Thru the Bible (TTB), and he shared about these new ministry opportunities on the TWR Canada blog. Here are some highlights of that interview:

      Gregg Harris:
      We’ve been called the greatest, most successful Christian radio program in history and the current leadership had very little to do with it – we’re stewards. Our greatest challenge is how do we preserve the historic values of the program and move into new forms of media and distribution?

      We’re paying for a great deal of radio air time around the world because that has worked well for us. We are, or have been fundamentally, a radio ministry, but we also believe our world is changing and listening habits are changing too. We are becoming aware that we need look at this more carefully and decide if conventional radio or using alternatives like TWR360 are the best way forward.

      ...Television was never on our radar before it became a reality in Arabic. You just need a satellite dish – most of the Arabic satellites do not require a monthly subscription. We’re on 7 times a day, with a massive footprint – all of Russia, Africa, Australia and we pay nothing for that air time.

      The Arabic video producers took the radio script and turned it into a conversation between two or three people. We use the same content, but take a statement from the radio script and turn it into a question, a conversation, for video. It is available on Youtube and to our amazement we have now surpassed 4 million viewed minutes. There’s also a Facebook page, and follow-up is immediate through the sharing of a cell phone number and a Skype address.

      New Is Not Better – Traditional Is Not Obsolete
      ...If we were starting TTB today, we would probably start as an internet based, app based, player based ministry and add radio where it is the best medium for distribution.

      You can read the entire interview on the TWR Canada blog.SaveSaveSave