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    • Leaders Seek To Prepare For Persecution

      McDaniel Phillips is our Discipleship Essentials Ministry Director. He's been busy working behind the scenes coordinating production, personnel, and making connections with on-the-ground partners. Discipleship Essentials is a library of content designed to teach the basics of the Christian faith as well as leadership skills. McDaniel has just returned from the Philippines.

      The Philippine Evangelical Association has 66,000 churches across the Philippines and they have a goal of boosting that number to 120,000 through planting small groups that grow to become the local Church. The leaders there have requested our help in discipleship.

      In many parts of the world, in places like the Philippines, pastors need training on the basics of the faith. Congregations need to challenge themselves to learn and study the Bible for themselves. Instead of repeating what they've heard their pastor say, believers need to be able to articulate their faith in their own words.

      Leaders are seeing the persecution of Christians increasing around the world and know their people are not prepared. Their people say they believe in Jesus, but leaders see no evidence of this. They need a tool to train people in the basics of the faith (discipleship) and help them to engage with and give a defense for their faith.

      On this trip we were able to connect with the key leaders who have a desire to equip their people and see them well-grounded, to form a strategy of planting small groups, and are looking for a discipleship training tool.

      "Discipleship Essentials is just what we need."

      Pastors are seeing their people need to be grounded in the basics of the faith but don't know where to start.

      We're excited to partner with the South East Asia Mission Association, Christian Missionary Allliance Church, the Philippine Evangelical Association, and Ebenezer Bible College and Seminary to offer Discipleship Essentials as a tool they can use to train their leaders, to train those workers headed overseas to work as domestics, in food industries, in medical settings. They are training leaders to mature in their own faith and to plant small groups. They are looking to train lay leaders in relationship evangelism.

      Please Pray

      • Many of these leaders are excited about using Discipleship Essentials, but they have to convince other stakeholders and Board of Directors. Pray for opportunity and favour as Nehemiah did before approaching the King.
      • Pray that the logistics for the Train The Trainer events that need to take place are handled efficiently and cost effectively.
      • Pray for additional funds to be raised to help in the production and distribution of the content to our on-the-ground partners.