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    • Feb24Wed

      Partnering In Ministry In Sri Lanka

      February 24, 2016 By TWR Canada Team
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      Asia, Discipleship, Partnership, Evangelism, Sri Lanka

      Only 1% of Sri Lankans Are Christian

      TWR has broadcast gospel programming from Sri Lanka to India for 30 years, but it was only a few years ago that God opened a door to broadcast to a Sri Lankan audience. According to a 2012 study, only 1% of Sri Lankans are evangelical Christians.

      For the last two years, through TWR Canada, you have sponsored the creation of programming in Sri Lanka for a Sri Lankan audience. Any TWR broadcast site has many broadcast partners, such as In Touch, Through The Bible, Hope For The Heart, etc. Programming created locally is more difficult because it requires outside sponsors but is always effective because the content is tailored to that specific audience whether it's a health issue or spiritual teaching.

      TWR Canada President, Ray Alary, recently had the opportunity to visit with listeners, partners, and local pastors in Sri Lanka.

      Is anyone listening?

      The team in Sri Lanka received 1499 listener responses in 2015. One woman shared how her family was deeply divided. They were no longer talking to each other. After she listened to our program she realized that this was not acceptable and got her family listening to the programs. Now the family has reunified. She was praising the Lord for how God worked in her family.

      Another woman told us her son works in another city which is in the Buddhist area of the country and he cannot go to church, but he listens to the program faithfully.

      Another listener shared that she records the programs and sends them to her husband who is in the military.
      Ray writes, "Seldom in my travels do the listeners know where the money for the programs they listen to comes from. I've never met a more appreciative group of people. The listeners, pastors, and our partners thanked all of you for the local content they are building home radio churches around. It really makes you want to invest in what they're doing on the ground there in Sri Lanka."

      Pray for these brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka as they endure persecution for their faith in Christ.

      Read More About Ray's Trip To Sri Lanka

      Sri Lanka was nothing like I expected. I had worked with missionaries who had served in Sri Lanka during the civil war, and in those days security was tight because a terrorist attack could happen anywhere anytime.

      Sri Lanka is a different country today...

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