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    • Nov18Wed

      Partnering in Hope

      November 18, 2015 by TWR Canada
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      Africa, Bible Distribution

      Bible Distribution in Burundi

      In September 2015, we were pleased to partner with The Gideons International in Canada to ensure TWR listeners in Burundi received Bibles in their heart languages. Earlier in 2015 concerns grew over the much-disputed elections that ran in July. Violence sparked again in November 2015, and thousands have fled the country in fear of another ethnic uprisings.
      Many Christians are staying and praying for peace. They gather in churches in Bujumbura and other places and call on The Lord to deliver their country. Kirundi is the spoken language in Burundi, but Swahili is spoken throughout East Africa. Please pray for these believers.

      Here are just a few of the stories of those who received Bibles.

      My name is Ndayishimiye from Bujumbura [second last in the photo above]. Thank you very much for bringing such a blessing from TWR. I had suffered many years as a Swahili Kirundi interpreter without any Swahili Bible. Now, I am among the happy few who receive the Swahili Bible. This is God who has been thinking of me. May God continue to bring blessings!

      My name is Pastor Jean Jacque from Nyanza Lac. I am happy to have a Swahili Bible. Our church uses both Kirundi and Swahili. We also have people who have been in Tanzania who speak Swahili. We are called to translate, but we didn’t have a Swahili Bible. I understand that for someone to interact well with the Word of God, he has to read it in a language he understands the best. We thank God who hears our prayer and answers it.

      My name is Pacifique from Rumonge. I am one of the youth leaders. It has been my desire to have a Swahili Bible, but I could not think that one day I will get it because there isn’t a bookshop in our area. I am so happy that my prayer is answered. Thank God for TWR that brought us such a wonderful gift.