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    • Jul12Wed

      On The Way to Rukum

      July 12, 2017 by The TWR Canada team
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      Asia, Evangelism
      I am from a Buddhist background. But by profession, I was a witch doctor. I was respected widely. People with all kinds of sickness used to come to me for healing, but my own personal life was filled with a lot of questions and difficulties. Many times I felt as if I was pretending and cheating people, taking advantage of innocent people. I did not have a good family life. I had many questions about who I was devoted to, but through your programs I began to know the true Creator and Saviour. I now listen to your programs regularly. Listening to the programs gives me peace but has also made me leave my old practices. Other Christians are now teaching me about Jesus.” – A Kham Magar Listener, Nepal

      The Kham Magar people are an ethnic group of people that live in the northern districts of Rolpa and Rukum in Nepal. They speak a distinctive language called Kham and their primary religion is an ethnic religion deeply rooted in their cultural identity. 99% of the Kham population are without Christ. They are considered one of the least reached people groups in Nepal. While there are some known believers and a translated New Testament exists, there are few churches and no known Christian media resources in the Kham language.

      With over 250 local FM stations located across the country of Nepal, radio is the most effective and accessible way to communicate.

      TWR Canada is producing a 15-minute weekly program, which airs twice weekly on two stations in Kham Magar communities, with follow-up and listener care being done in partnership with six local churches.

      A pastor visiting the remote regions of Rukum and Rolpa reported that, “Radio is becoming an easy means to reach out to the Kham Magar in remote places.” He once went to a far away village to evangelize and found many people already listening the program. “Radio is opening the door and making it easy to reach out to people with the gospel.” This pastor learned that one person was healed physically while listening to the program. As a result the pastor was able to lead him and his entire family to the Lord.

      Some of the believers who have come to know the Lord through the ministry of churches, live very far distances from the nearest church. Villages in the districts of Rukum and Rolpa are isolated and remote and it could take 24 hours to walk to a church. They cannot attend worship services or have regular pastor visits and as a result, Christians there have often felt discouraged and alone. Partner churches try to visit these remote villages monthly and they have found recently that the radio programs are providing a source of fellowship, teaching and conviction of faith. Believers that have faced persecution from neighbours and have become isolated are now encouraged and comforted by these programs.

      Please pray for our TWR Nepal staff who organize events and opportunities to interact with listeners face to face in remote and isolated villages. It takes staff two days by car and three days of hiking across 4000-meter high hills to get to some of the villages in these districts. Pray for producers who continue to produce programs that address the real needs of listeners and for local churches and partners who provide counsel and follow-up. Together we will reach the unreached with the hope and love of Jesus Christ.