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    • Apr5Wed

      On The Air and On The Ground In Quebec

      April 5, 2017 by TWR Canada
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      Update On Quebec Ministry

      TWR Canada began partnering with the ministry of Aujourd’hui l’Espoir in Quebec over fifteen years ago. At that time, Aujourd’hui l’Espoir primarily focused on on-the-ground evangelism (street dramas, bible distributions) in the summer and an annual event called Breakfast of Hope. General Director Eric Perron says what was missing in these early ministry events was follow-up. If people expressed interest or had questions arise from one of these events, there was nothing in place to connect them with a local congregation or pastor, or to provide ongoing discipleship.

      TWR Canada brought a media component to the existing ministry of Aujourd’hui l’Espoir through radio, television and Internet broadcasts. The ministry of street evangelism and Breakfasts of Hope work together with the media broadcasts to ensure many more people can hear the gospel, and then build on their knowledge through sound teaching.

      What is more – with the consistency of a radio program, Aujourd’hui l’Espoir is also able to provide a telephone number for people to connect with someone and to ask questions about the gospel. “We listen to and pray with each caller and do our best to refer them to a nearby church and have a pastor meet with them in person to discuss their questions,” says Perron. “We have become a media outreach tool for churches thanks to TWR Canada. The TV and web helps us spread the good news and people can respond directly. That’s huge.” The gospel isn’t coming from anglophones or Americans, but from friends and family – people like them. “Those who listen to or watch our programs see the gospel is accessible and reasonable because they see their own people convinced of it,” says Perron.

      When you donate to TWR Canada’s ministry in Quebec, you’re helping French-speaking Quebecers reach out with the gospel to their neighbours. Read more about TWR Canada’s ministry in Quebec at www.twr.ca/projects/quebec.