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    • Dec18Wed

      Missionary Spotlight: The Dunlops

      December 18, 2019 By the TWR Canada Team
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      Africa, Evangelism, Missionaries

      “Becoming a missionary was not something I grew up dreaming of doing. I didn’t actively avoid it, but it just wasn’t anywhere on my radar.” Many of us can relate to this thought which was expressed by Nathan Dunlop as we sat down with him and his wife Megan and heard their story.

      For Nathan, his story began when he was only 14 years old. His family went to India on their first international trip. They began their travels with a Hindu couple that Nathan’s dad worked with. This couple made every effort to visit as many temples along the way as they could. During their visits Nathan’s family would stay outside and just enjoy the scenery or sit and read the Bible together. After going along on this trip, Nathan’s parents decided they wanted to invest in a local church instead of visiting the temples. His parents contacted a nearby church, and for the last three weeks of their trip, they served at the church’s orphanage. They returned home and life carried on as usual.

      Years later Nathan began a six-month drama program in Alberta which started at the beginning of the summer of 2001. The school had a recording studio that Nathan was interested in so he asked if he could be trained on the equipment. The audio engineer agreed and taught him how to use the studio.

      Later that year, Nathan’s parents decided that they wanted to visit the orphanage in India again, but this time with medical supplies to help the children. The newly-engaged Nathan and Megan chose to go with them. They left for India in the winter of 2001. Megan was excited to share in this opportunity and connected well with the children at the orphanage. She played with them and was able to help with dressing wounds and other aspects of the childrens’ medical care. Nathan, on the other hand, struggled to find his place.

      While everyone was serving, the pastor of the church took Nathan upstairs and opened a closet. The pastor explained that behind the door was audio equipment that had been sitting there for some time because no one knew how to use it. “Do you have any idea how to use it?” asked the pastor. Nathan explained that the pastor asked this of him without having any idea that Nathan had an audio-recording background. “As I looked at it, I realized that every piece of equipment, down to the model and make was exactly the same as what I trained on in Alberta. What were the chances of that!? I knew right there that that was a God moment.” Nathan was able to put the studio together and train others how to use it. “I wasn’t actively choosing to be a missionary. At that point, I didn’t even know that I could take the skills I had and use them in a missionary environment.”

      Nathan, his fiancée and his family again returned home.

      Years later, Nathan was working as a sound designer for another company. “One day I was having a bad day, I was frustrated and couldn’t find a reason as to why I was doing what I was doing,” he said. Nathan shared these thoughts with Megan, who sat down and began to research different ministries and came across TWR.

      “As I look back, I can see how God was preparing the way. I guarantee you if I hadn’t done the five and a half years at the previous job, a lot of the skills I use in South Africa wouldn’t have been there.”

      Nathan, Megan, and their children Ashlyn, Lindsay and Corwyn have been living and serving with TWR in South Africa since 2014. Nathan serves as a multi-media specialist, recording audio and video for TWR, while Megan homeschools the kids and serves in their church’s outreach program to moms and babies. Please pray for the Dunlops as they are home on furlough in Canada and are meeting with their supporters and ministry partners. To learn more about the Dunlop family, you can visit their missionary page.

      A video from the Dunlop family: