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    • May19Wed

      Missionary Spotlight: The Collets

      May 19, 2021 By the TWR Canada Team
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      Missionaries, Europe

      This week, we hear from Vincent and Trina Collet, who serve as missionaries in France. Trina reflects on how COVID-19 has impacted their lives and work over the past few months.

      Since our last update, things have been relatively quiet. Since January, we have been under a curfew, but school has continued and church services have been maintained. God has taken care of us and protected us so far. 

      In February, our girls had two weeks of winter vacation. Since we were unsure of how the situation would evolve, we stayed at home. In April we went back into lockdown, with schools being closed for a week and children homeschooled, followed by two weeks of spring vacation. Despite restrictions, we were able to take advantage of this vacation time to spend it with friends and family. 

      Vincent continues to work from home four days a week. Between producing and recording the French short version of Thru the Bible, translating and radio administration work, he has plenty to keep him busy! I continue to keep busy with the children and household, and production of the weekly Saveurs Anglophones program (a five-minute show, once a week, where I take an English worship song and explain in French what it’s about)

      At the radio station, various projects are in the works. One project that has already come to completion is the DAB+ (digital radio) channel in the city of Bourgoin-Jallieu. Recently they held a special on-air fundraiser to help cover the costs associated with this. A DAB+ channel also recently became available in Lyon and we have applied for it; if we get this channel we could reach up to 1.8 million people with the gospel message! Things are slowly but surely getting underway for having the FM antenna raised in order to improve reception in certain areas. We hope that it will be done this summer. There are also still plans to renovate the studios we moved into last July. We are waiting for things to move forward on this; in the meantime, due to COVID restrictions, most of the staff and volunteers work from home the majority of the time. And speaking of volunteers, although moving into Lyon has helped, there is still always a need for more volunteers to serve at the station.  

      In March, our eldest turned 7, and in April, our youngest celebrated her first birthday!  We still can’t believe how time flies! 

      One of the things that is really on our minds right now is our planned furlough, from mid-June to the end of August. It has been nearly three years that we have been in France without having returned! Since the COVID situation keeps changing, both in France and in Canada, it's so hard to plan since we don't know what will be possible. But we are trusting the Lord to make things work out if it is his will for us to come! We have purchased our tickets, and little by little things are falling into place.  

      Please join us in prayer for the Collets as they prepare for their upcoming furlough. Pray that all the details will come together for this trip, and that all their needs will be provided for. Praise the Lord that they have been offered a car and a place to stay in the Burlington, Ontario area this summer!