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    • Sep9Wed

      Meeting Spiritual Needs of Refugee

      September 9, 2015 by TWR Canada
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      Canadian Ministry
      Globally, there were roughly 19.5million refugees in 2014 (UNHCR), and from countries with resettlement programs Canada accepts one of of every ten refugees. Canada has accepted approximately 250,000 immigrants every year since 1990. No wonder Canada is so multi-cultural!

      Apart from our two official languages (English and French), there are 20 minority languages spoken in addition to the over twenty Aboriginal languages and dialects spoken here. Walk down any street in downtown Toronto and you might hear English, French, Spanish, German, Mandarin, Taglog, Polish, or any other number of languages. Ministry to refugees and immigrants is important, and finding content for those new to our churches in their heart (first) language is important.
      We get almost weekly requests from church leaders across Canada asking for resources in Vietnamese, Karen, Taglog, Somali, Amharic and others. We wanted to let you know about an online resource that's available from TWR for free.

      TWR 360 sees half a million online visitors every month looking for content in 41 different languages (30 more languages are in the works). TWR has content in over 200 languages so it only makes sense to have it available online for listeners around the world.

      You can find Thru The Bible, Project Hannah's Women of Hope, Food For Faith, Heralds of Hope, Reaching Your World, The Way of Righteousness, Voice of Truth and many other programs online. The number of languages each program is available in will vary, but we continue to add new content all the time.

      For the past year, TWR Canada has been discussing ways to be more involved in immigrant ministry here in Canada, and will soon be exploring various ways to make other content and resources available to churches for use in their existing immigrant ministries.

      If your church has an immigrant or refugee ministry, consider checking out TWR360 to see if there's content there you can point people to or use in your own ministries. We will announce when new resources are available.