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    • TWR Canada Helps Fund Trauma Radio Programs

      Photo Credit to Andes/César Muñoz/Creative Commons 2.0

      A 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Ecuador on April 16. The centre of the quake was 170km from Quito, but the regions of Manta, Pedernales, and Portoviejo sustained extensive damage. Over 650 are confirmed dead and hundreds more injured. Vital infrastructure has been disrupted or destroyed, and thousands are displaced.
      For those who survived, life has been very difficult. The governments of Ecuador and other nations have responded with supplies of food and shelter, as have Medecins Sans Frontiers (Doctors Without Borders) and other nongovernmental relief groups. In its report, MSF emphasizes the need for “psychosocial care” among survivors during this time when local psychologists are mostly overwhelmed assisting with basic physical humanitarian aid.

      Psychological First Aid
      And that’s where TWR enters the picture, eager to use its media expertise and contacts to provide what has been called “psychological first aid” to survivors. In partnership with Christian psychologist Dr. Brent Lindquist, the TWR ministry Member Care Media created a series of radio broadcasts aimed at helping listeners come to grips with the deep emotional trauma experienced in the wake of a natural disaster.

      Initially, 28 60-second radio spots will be made available to stations throughout the area. Then, 20 programs lasting 15 minutes each will go deeper with segments on “Dealing With Loss of Life,” “Making Children Feel Safe After a Disaster” and “Where Is God in the Midst of Disaster?”

      These Member Care programs will be translated into Spanish and rerecorded by TWR’s representatives in Ecuador, Dairo and Luz Rubio. The Rubios, who weren’t in the areas hardest hit by the quake but experienced the strong shocks nevertheless, are already involved in the country’s relief efforts.  

      Because the programs have already been developed, TWR teams can swing into action quickly to get this critical “first aid” to people struggling to repair their shattered lives.


      • Please pray for the Rubios as they work to get these programs ready for a Spanish audience.
      • Pray for the relief efforts and disaster response teams on the ground helping survivors rebuild and treat those who are injured.
      • Pray for peace and comfort and safety those who are injured, displaced, or in mourning.Save