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    • Sep30Wed

      Media Players For Calgary, Haiti & Peru

      September 30, 2015 by TWR Canada
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      Canadian Ministry, Media Players
      Globally, TWR produces content in over 230 languages covering the most-spoken languages and a few local dialects. So, what do Calgary, Haiti and Peru all have in common? We have biblical content in the languages spoken there and we're enabling those travelling to these places to distribute this content for evangelism and discipleship.

      The BBC reported:

      It’s estimated that up to 7,000 different languages are spoken around the world. 90% of these languages are used by less than 100,000 people. Over a million people converse in 150-200 languages and 46 languages have just a single speaker! (source here)

      TWR partners with many churches and Christian ministries to produce regional content -- partners many people here in Canada may never have heard. We have access to all this content, so it only makes sense that we make this great audio content available to as many people as possible.


      TWR Canada enjoys being able to respond to requests for gospel content on media players, and is able to source content in many languages and for various countries.

      Jeremy Mullin (pictured above) is our IT/IS Administrator and Special Projects Technician. He's pictured above adding content chips to these Davar players destined for Peru by special request (each player must be opened, the content chip added, and the unit sealed back up). These players are solar powered and won't pick up local radio stations, which is ideal for the location they're headed to as there aren't any radio signals that reach these people. These players are loaded with Project Hannah's Women of Hope (20 episodes 30mins each), Thru The Bible (116 hours), Pedrito El Pulpo (Peter The Octopus, a children's program) (19 episodes x 15 min), and 19 hours of dramatized audio New Testament.

      This fall we have a shipment of over 650 players going to Haiti by special request loaded with gospel content in French and Creole. (Thru The Bible, Creole New Testament, French Old Testament, French Canadian New Testament). We're using the Galcom International ImpaX players because they are solar powered with a battery back-up, have coloured buttons to toggle between the audio Bible and other content, and will be pre-loaded with three Christian stations including the frequency for TWR Bonaire.

      This fall, we're sending some media players to Calgary to provide media players with gospel content in Arabic and Farsi for a ministry teaching ESL to new immigrants in their first three weeks in Canada. There's a collection of ESL songs, the audio New Testament in Arabic and Farsi, Hope for the Heart in Farsi, and the books of Matthew and John from Thru The Bible, and various other content. We know this will be a difficult season of transition for them. We can help make that transition easier by providing a voice, and share the gospel, in a way that sounds like home.

      Other by-request media player shipments have been sent to Cambodia, Bolivia, Cuba, French West Africa, Canada (Karen, Mandarin), and other places.

      If your church here in Canada has an outreach or discipleship ministry for immigrants, or is going on a mission trip where the focus is evangelism or discipleship, we'd love to connect with you. For more information on minimum quantities, costs, and delivery times, please email