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    • Jul27Wed

      McDaniel Phillips On God's Provision

      July 27, 2016
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      Discipleship, Missionaries

      An Interview With TWR Canada Missionary McDaniel Phillips

      McDaniel Phillips and his wife Blossom have been missionaries with TWR Canada for 30+ years and have served in a variety of places such as Bonaire, Singapore, the USA, and most recently in London, ON where McDaniel gives leadership to Discipleship Essentials. We have been chatting with our missionaries throughout the year and these have been our most popular updates.

      For those who don't receive your regular prayer updates, what has been the biggest challenge for you and Blossom recently?

      Caring for Blossom's mother. She went into palliative care in December 2012 and is still with us. No one expected this. Blossom and three of her siblings handle the bulk of the care. She coordinates all the social care from government services and volunteers. She cooks and purees everything and freezes it in ice cube trays.

      Blossom prepares a menu for the week - you know, one cube of carrots and one cube of this and that for Monday. I do a lot of travelling and speaking so there are a lot of weekends that Blossom has to do it all on her own.

      How has this season changed or challenged your faith?

      This season hasn't changed my faith, but it has challenged our patience with the uncertainty of how long this will continue...

      There are significant financial obligations often in caring for an aging parent, what has God been teaching you through this?

      [There are significant expenses in] caring for Blossom's mother as well as helping with the care of my indigent brother in B.C. This has taught me about God's provision. We have limited resources so trusting the Lord to provide has been very powerful. I am amazed at that. How is it possible we've been able to do this for three years?

      It's been difficult for Blossom because everywhere we've lived she's had her own ministry work and it took a little while for her to accept that caring for her mother is her ministry right now.

      And your daughter is getting married soon too!

      *nods* Yes. We've been putting money towards a wedding. Blossom has a fairy tale vision for this wedding and my daughter has a fairy tale vision and they're not the same. *laughs* So maybe it's a good thing they're apart.

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