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    • Oct6Wed

      Making an Impact: TWR Canada Summer Student

      October 6, 2021 By the TWR Canada Team
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      Canadian Ministry

      This week we hear from Beth, who joined the TWR Canada team as a Project Assistant at the start of the summer. Keep reading to hear about her experience! 


      Hi there! My name is Beth, and I had the privilege of joining the TWR Canada team this summer. As I approached graduating with my bachelor’s degree in History and Political Science this past spring, my regular job was put on hold due to the pandemic. This meant that for the first time in a few years, I was on the search for a summer job. As I was looking, I received an acceptance letter to a master’s degree in Journalism and Communications. Around the same time, I was made aware of a summer position at Trans World Radio Canada, and I knew that God had presented me with an incredible opportunity.  

      My first day on the job was certainly a whirlwind. I went on a tour of the entire world as I scribbled notes on TWR’s various international ministries, and I was introduced to my main responsibilities for the summer: formatting documents and helping to launch e-learning pilot programs.  

      Finishing the document formatting halfway through the summer, I was able to focus solely on developing resources for two separate e-learning platforms. As many students realized this past year, online learning is a useful tool but can be quite the challenge when the course is designed poorly, or when classroom material is not adapted properly for the new learning method! TWR recognized both of these things, which led them to hire me to help adapt existing curriculum to not only be available digitally, but to be an effective online tool for learning more about discipleship. I hope that the programs I help to create will allow those who aren’t able to physically connect with other Christians to connect virtually, ultimately helping to deepen their faith and propel them on their journey with Christ!  

      At first, much of my time was spent sifting through databases for research on best practices regarding online learning. After some preliminary research was done, I shifted to sorting through TWR’s existing material before working on each of the two platforms. I created several pilot versions for both each, attempting to figure out the best way possible to present the information to our audience.  

      Working at TWR has taught me important information, such as the fact that work-specific email addresses are not as exciting as they sound, and that pilot programs go through many, many renditions before publication! More seriously, though, I have been able to develop important skills, such as editing, writing, and web design. I have also been reminded of the incredible power of Christ. On a large scale, my work showed me just how active the Lord is in every part of the world, and I was grateful to partake in even a small part of this. On a small scale, I was reminded daily of the amazing family of believers that I belong to as I participated in devotionals, watched staff encourage one another, and read various reports and testimonies from different staff. While COVID-19 could feel isolating and lonely at times, my time at Trans World Radio Canada has reminded me of the beautiful community of Christians that I am surrounded by, and I am thankful that I have the opportunity to develop new relationships, learn new skills, and be a part of work that is significantly bigger than I could ever imagine. I have loved my small part within TWR’s ministries with the creation of these e-learning programs, and I am excited to continue working with TWR over this school year! I can't wait to continue to follow the work that TWR does to serve the Lord both in my own community and around the world.


      We’re grateful for the work Beth was able to do this summer, and we are excited to continue to work with her over the course of the school year as she continues her studies.
      Please pray for us as we make decisions about the next steps for these pilot programs, and begin to find mentors and students to do further testing. If you would like to know more about what TWR Canada is doing in this area, please contact us!