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    • May7Wed

      Long Haul Trucker Saved Through Radio

      May 7, 2014 by TWR Canada
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      Central Asia

      A listener from Iran shares his testimony and how important Christian radio is to believers in the Middle East.

      “In my early 20’s, I took a job as a long-haul truck driver. Summertime is hot (highs reaching 45 degrees Celsius with 90% humidity), the company rented a large room for us non-locals to rest in during the heat of the day. To occupy myself, I bought a short wave radio to listen to.

      "I searched for news programs, but came across a program in Persian that talked about the Bible and Christianity. I listened to it every evening. One evening the program was about how God used Moses to deliver his people from slavery in Egypt. I looked at the men around me addicted to drugs and knew I was no better than them. Would God rescue me from this kind of bondage?

      "I believed everything that was shared about Christ and the Bible on the radio programs, and gave my life to Christ. For several years I drove my truck and kept to myself. I put up a curtain in the room for a small bit of privacy so I didn't have to watch the other men in their depravity, and listened to the radio until the company moved me back to my hometown.

      "I wrote to the address given on the radio and asked for a Bible and Christian literature. A man in another city phoned me to see what I needed. He sent several packages over time containing a New Testament, Christian literature, and an entire Bible. I thank God for this brother.

      "One day, I met a young woman from a conservative Muslim family. I told her all I had learned about Christ, the Bible, and Christianity. She listened politely because she wanted to marry me, but did not believe. We listened to the programs together and I shared from the Bible. Two years after we were married, she accepted Christ as her Saviour."

      UPDATE From TWR Canada Persian Ministry Director

      There was no house church in his man's city so I connected him with the ministry conferences we hold outside Iran. The first year he came to the conference with his wife he took many notes, and they were baptized. He returned home and shared his faith with his close friends, those he could trust. This is very risky to do. He started a small house church of four or five people for a year. He listened to the TWR broadcasts and shared what he learned with them.

      At our next ministry conference outside Iran we connected this couple with another small house church. Inside Iran the people don't get to meet other Christians or fellowship together. It is too dangerous. At that conference, 13 people who weren't believers came. Four accepted Christ and the other 9 are now very interested.

      Through the radio we are changing lives.