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    • Oct22Wed

      Leaving a Legacy of Faith

      October 22, 2014 by TWR Canada
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      Seminary On The Air (SOTA)
      Like any other ministry, the team here at TWR Canada makes an annual budget and plans for the upcoming year in the fall. As you'd expect, we do our best to be fiscally responsible and identify a variety of projects and ministries to support and set aside specific amounts of money for those purposes.

      But what about the projects and needs that crop up throughout the year not accounted for in the budget? We all have these kinds of expenses. Where does the money for those worthwhile projects come from?

      Our Seminar on the Air (SOTA) program had one such need. Our SOTA students found printing off lessons an obstacle to learning. The download times were slow (not all of China has high speed Internet service), and loose papers are easily lost, misplaced, and damaged.

      SOTA textbooks were a much needed solution, but hadn't been accounted for in any budget. A generous estate donation made the printing and designing of these textbooks possible. TWR Canada does not rely on estate and will donations for daily operations or already approved ministry funding or projects. These donations, big and small, allow us to respond to needs outside our budget, like this one, in a timely manner.

      What a great way to leave a legacy of faith!
      Our Director of China Ministry, Dr. William Tsui, writes: "These textbooks allow the students to have all the learning material for every lesson saving time and money on printing costs. The textbooks also provide resource material for students to review and share. Along with the SOTA MP3 player, students have their own teaching faculty accompanying them as they serve in their churches or mission field after their graduation."

      William visited the print shop handling the SOTA textbooks on a recent visit to China. Having the books printed in China was much cheaper than in Canada. The first 5 textbooks are printed, the final book is expected to finish printing the end of October.