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    • May30Tue

      Launching A Ministry And A Dedication

      May 30, 2017 by Ray Alary
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      Canadian staff and volunteers in West Africa
      Canadian staff and volunteers in West Africa
      We have just returned from West Africa with a small team. I wanted to share a few photos from our trip with you, so this post will be more like a photo blog.
      On the 16th of May, I boarded a plane for West Africa. Along with me were two staff members and 5 friends of the ministry. There were many reasons for us to make the trip. I had meetings with associates who want to strengthen their relationship with TWR Canada.
      I met with one brother from a country closed to the gospel and heard his story. The risk he takes daily humbled my heart. Another brother I met with represents a network of 10,000 churches in Nigeria. He shared with us the great need for strengthening the Church in Nigeria. He wants to use Discipleship Essentials to do that.
      Later in the week, we met with the TWR Africa leadership team to discuss how we will implement Discipleship Essentials in sub-Sahara Africa. It takes a team to do ministry, so we also met with funding partners from Europe to plan strategically how we can partner together in the ministry throughout Africa.
      We went to our West Africa transmitter site to dedicate a sawmill and make the first cuts of lumber with the saw. The TWR Canada team (staff and friends) pitched in and helped at the site. The ladies spent a couple of days helping a sister mission sort through missionary belongings that were left behind when a family had to leave unexpectedly.
      On November 11, 2002, I received an email inviting us to come to this West African country to meet with the President. To see what has transpired and the ministry that has developed over the last 15 years, is amazing. One of the symbols of progress are the white teak trees we planted on the site 15 years ago. Today 26,000 trees are growing, and the first harvest will take place in a couple of years.
      Here are some photos.

      One of our Canadian volunteers snapped a picture of these two lizards. Looks like they were having a good chat when they were interrupted.

      Some of our Canadian volunteers helping to sort missionary belongings. Everyone was put to work on this trip.

      The maturing white teak tree plantation at the transmitter site in West Africa.

      Staff testing out the new sawmill with some stockpiled trees.

      A common sight on the roads in West Africa.

      Some of the donated equipment that was sent to West Africa from Canada.

      TWR Canada missionary McDaniel Phillips pitching in and helping with painting.

      Ray Alary, TWR Canada President with some of the white teak trees at the plantation.