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    • May4Wed

      Kirk Baskin: Face To Face Evangelism

      May 4, 2016
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      Africa, Prayer, Missionaries

      An Update From TWR Canada Missionary Kirk Baskin

      As our missionaries are featured in the TWR Canada Prayer Guide, we like to feature an interview with them. Kirk Baskin went to Johannesburg, South Africa in 2012. He was going to be involved in training staff in broadcast skills in remote locations but soon after he arrived his job description changed. Kirk works in the TWR Africa Regional Office in Johannesburg doing staff training, video production, and web and radio production.

      Kirk left Canada in 2012 as a single missionary and was married to his wife Rachel a year later. They now have two children Leila and Evan. We asked Kirk how his faith has been changed or challenged by his time in South Africa.

      Rachel and I think it's really important to be involved in people's lives face to face. Besides what I do in the office (where I don't get to interact with listeners at all), I love having a face to face ministry. In places where we've lived and through church, we've really tried to get to know the people around us. Build the kind of relationship where we can share the gospel. For a while I led a Bible study for a group of guys. After we were married, Rachel and I spent a year working with an orphanage in downtown Johannesburg mentoring some of the kids.

      We try to build relationships with some of the street people around where we live. We live in a big apartment complex, so we're trying to get to know some of the younger people in the complex.
      Despite the fact that I'm involved in ministry broadcasting the message of Christ over the radio, I don't ever want to be cocooned in an office and feel that's all I need to do. Those face to face interactions help you stay excited about the gospel. When you can really love on someone and see their faith changed, it strengthens your own faith.
      Leila and Evan Baskin

      You're hoping to return to Canada in 2016. What obstacles do you need to overcome in order to do that?

      My wife, Rachel, was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo though she's lived in Johannesburg since she was 5. In February 2016, Rachel received her Canadian permanent residence -- which is a huge answer to prayer -- but Rachel must "redeem" her permanent residence before the end of 2016. In order to return to Canada three things need to happen:
      My South Africa visa is expired. I applied before it expired, but the South African Home Affairs Department is taking a long time. I need to have that renewed before we can leave. We need a birth certificate for Evan. In Canada, if you're born there you become a citizen, but it's different here. Because neither Rachel nor I are South African citizens, Evan can't be a citizen. So I need my visa up to date to get a birth certificate in order to go to the Canadian Embassy and get a citizenship certificate for Evan.

      Once my visa is updated and we have Evan's birth certificate and citizenship certificate, then we need to apply for Canadian passports for Evan and Leila.

      We also need the funds to get back home.

      Please remember Kirk and his family in your prayers as they work to get back to Canada. Pray for those who are ministered to by the programming broadcast from Johannesburg to many parts of Southern Africa.