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    • Apr28Wed

      Jesus Changed My Heart

      April 28, 2021 By the TWR Canada Team
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      Testimonies, Burundi

      TWR Canada broadcasts two weekly programs in Burundi: Good News for All and Jesus is the Answer. Good News for All has been airing since 1993. The program consists of 30 minutes of listener greetings and encouragement being read on-air to family and friends followed by a 30-minute evangelistic sermon. Because of the greetings, it continues to be widely listened-to, and listeners stay tuned to the program as it continues. Christian music is also played, as it is often requested in listener letters.

      Jesus is the Answer airs weekly on Sunday afternoons, as it has since 1994. The program primarily targets youth, as it deals with topics covering their common challenges. The content comes from the testimonies of people who come to the office to share about how Jesus has been a solution to their life struggles.

      Hundreds of people respond each month through phone calls, text messages, visits and encounters in the public. In 2020, staff received over 2,600 calls from listeners. They share that they are strengthened and encouraged by these programs.

      Filde lives in the capital city of Bujumbura. He shared the following: “I am happy to tell you that this program Good News for All is very helpful to me. As a worker in a shop, I often cannot attend church. The program is a good opportunity for me to be blessed with the Word of God on a regular basis. May God bless you so much!”

      A listener named Emery called into the program to share her testimony. “I like this program of Good News for All because it has changed my life. Beforehand, I thought it would not make a difference in my life if I followed the Word of God or not. But as I listened to the program, I learned so much in a short amount of time! I now realize the importance of this program and I really enjoy hearing the Word of God.”

      “This program Jesus Is the Answer has been a life-saving opportunity for many people who were traumatized by different problems in their life. It is amazing to hear so many testimonies of how Jesus has been a solution to life’s issues.”

      “I greet you in the name of Jesus. I am really blessed by the program Jesus Is the Answer. I like to listen to all the testimonies on the program. I am encouraged to hear of all the people to whom Jesus was an answer during hard times.”

      A listener named Media shared the following story: “I was caught up in intense hatred for the people who killed my father. I spent many years sleeping poorly due to my constant plans for revenge. I had no peace in my heart. But one day I was listening to your program and I heard someone testifying how Jesus saved her and how she forgave the people that had harmed her. I asked Jesus to change my heart and he did it! Since then, it has been easy to forgive, and I have the peace of Christ in my heart.”

      Praise God for these incredible stories of hope! We recently partnered with the team on the ground in Burundi to be able to purchase a new office building for them. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the construction and renovations have taken longer than anticipated, but we look forward to seeing how this new office and ministry centre impacts the country. Please pray for the team as they continue to produce these two programs for the people of Burundi.