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    • Mar23Wed

      "I am ready." (A Testimony from Quebec)

      March 23, 2022 By The TWR Canada Team
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      Canadian Ministry, Quebec

      Our partner in Quebec, Aujourd’hui l’Espoir, has continued to grow and reach the province with the hope of Christ this year! The new FM station has been broadcasting for a few months, and there are plans to apply for licences for at least three new cities in 2022. The ministry also has a new website focused on evangelism, providing people with constant access to programming. The television show, La Parole Vivante, is also filming again, and receiving more requests for literature and testimonies than ever through the Hope Line!

      We recently received a story from AE about a man we’re calling Raimond, who got in contact with AE on their Facebook page in late 2020, and continued to keep in contact with them through 2021. He mentioned that he was watching Parole Vivante and that one of Rejean Joly’s recent messages on the humility of Jesus had touched him. AE put Rejean, one of the television hosts, in contact with Raimond and Rejean visited with him.

      Sitting at Rejean’s kitchen table, Raimond shared with Rejean that he has been reading the Bible and knows that it is the true Word of God and that he is a sinner and only Jesus can save him. He went on to say that he must receive Christ as his Saviour, but that he is not ready. He believed himself to be too sinful to ask the Lord to change his life.

      Rejean reminded him of what God’s Word says: “For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost” (Luke 19:10). They sat silently for a moment and then Raimond said, “I am ready.”

      “Ready for what?” Rejean asked.

      “To accept what God offers me in his Son Jesus!” Raimond exclaimed.

      Together, the men prayed and Raimond asked God to forgive his sins and reconcile him to God through the person and sacrifice of Jesus. Rejean shared with us, “This man arrived with an empty heart and is returning home with a full heart and the Spirit of God.”

      Since that day, Raimond has actively been sharing his faith with others, including giving a Bible to his mother. Rejean remains in contact with him as he is growing in faith.

      Praise God for this changed life! With Aujourd’hui l’Espoir we have been so excited to hear how God is changing lives across the province of Quebec. Would you pray with us as we continue to grow the ministry across the province through TV, the FM station and online resources? God is at work!